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What Was Chuck Liddell Doing Before, After UFC 71?

Chuck Liddell lost his Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight title belt at UFC 71, and the world of mixed martial arts today is abuzz with talk about what Liddell was doing both before and after the fight. First, let's go to the video (courtesy of With Leather) that allegedly comes from after the fight:

Yeah, that doesn't look like a guy who's too despondent about losing.

And as for before, Sports by Brooks notes that fellow UFC fighter Vernon White suggested in an interview that Liddell was in substance-abuse rehab shortly before he lost his title to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

White later backtracked -- kind of -- from those remarks, but there has long been talk that Liddell could stand to have a little more commitment to his craft, and none of the information that has become available today will change that.

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