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Johnny Morton's Awesome Debut in K-1 Fighting. It's Opposite Day!

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Following in the footsteps of many an NFL player's odd post-playing days career choices, former NFL wide receiver Johnny Morton eschewed law school or an easy deal working a trophy job at an insurance firm to test his mettle as a fighter in Mixed Martial Arts, a.k.a. K-1. You may know the sport better as "Late Night Headkickfest," since opponents can strike cleanly with pretty much everything save their corner stools, and often do.

Morton fought the Ivorian novice Bernie Ackah, and things went swimmingly for at least twenty memorable seconds. Then Morton helpfully walked directly into the path of Ackah's left hand, which was moving very rapidly toward Morton's face at the time.

Morton's head bounced off the mat, and the general horror-show feel of the KO had him taken to the hospital for observation. Morton's head was fine, but mental mistakes he made before the fight may end his MMA career before it began. Morton refused a drug test and was immediately suspended from fighting.

As for the winner Ackah...well, he's charitable in victory.
Said Ackah of Morton, "He needs more experience."

And a Whizzinator, evidently. For the fantasy NFL/K1 transfer draft, we're taking early dibs on Steve Smith, who once beat a teammate during a film session "like he had a bulldozer in his hand," according to eyewitnesses.

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