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Kids Fighting? Blame UFC!

You know those TV news stories that find a "frightening new trend" of children misbehaving? Sometimes it's kids having sex, sometimes it's kids sniffing glue, sometimes it's kids getting in fights. But whatever it is, it's important to find something to blame in the popular culture: music, movies, video games, etc.

Of course, those stories rarely reveal any frightening new trends at all, but they get ratings because parents like to be terrified about the ways their kids are having fun. But now the Ultimate Fighting Championship is sharing some of the blame with music, movies and video games, as this ABC News report shows:
There is a frightening new trend in locker rooms, backyards and basements across the country: unsupervised children and teenagers pummeling one another, wearing only athletic helmets and gloves for protection.

It's a risky new twist on "Fight Club," where anything goes....

No-holds-barred fighting has long been popular on television, in shows like "American Gladiators" and "The Ultimate Fighting Championship."

Just to be clear, the Ultimate Fighting Championship isn't a television show any more than the National Basketball Association is a television show. It's a sports league. But whatever. Does anyone seriously believe that the existence of UFC has led to increased violence in children? I mean, anyone other than Tony Kornheiser?

UFC seems to be entering the mainstream, but idiotic reports like this one don't help.

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