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Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski gives update on UFC future

Andrei Arlovski is back to his winning ways in the UFC by winning two tough fights in a row. At UFC 66, Arlovski knocked out a very game Pe De Pano Cruz and then at UFC 70, Arlovski beat Fabricio Werdrum, Cro Cop's sparring partner and one of the top ten fighters in world, by unanimous decision.

Arlovski took time out to talk to about his future in the UFC. Now that you have peeled off two victories in a row, do you believe that this lines you up to face the winner of Gonzaga vs. Couture? Do you feel ready for that fight if it happens?

Arlvoski: Of course I am ready. But it is up to the UFC and they will say if I am ready for the title shot. As I have said before I am contender and can wait in line. I was at UFC 68 and saw you applauding Randy's performance and showing your appreciation for his talent. Do you think that this may affect your ability to fight him if he gets past Gabe Gonzaga and you are next in line for the title shot?

Arlvoski: About UFC 68, I am very happy that Randy beat Tim. I have a lot of great respect for Randy; he is great fighter and athlete. But it is a business and fighting him does not change my opinion of him as good person. How hard was it to handle Werdrum's speed? He looked very fast and it looked like he hit very hard. Were you concerned about this going in to the fight?

Arlvoski: Yeah, he has pretty fast hands and he once hit me and cut me. I trained hard to defend speed and because I got hit a couple times means I need to train harder. Since the addition of Nogueira and Cro Cop the the ranks, does a match-up with either of those fighters intrigue you? Would you like to face Cro Cop if the opportunity presented itself?

Arlvoski: I would like to fight them yes. I want to fight the best fighters and if the UFC sets it up, I will be there. Do you feel that you will one day make up for the loss in the third fight to Tim Sylvia? It is well known that you were injured and that you stated you had a bad performance on that night. Is that a fight you are looking forward to?

Arlvoski: I wish to fight Tim once again and I am not looking for excuses. I just want one more fight. How soon can we expect you back in the Octagon?

Arlvoski: Not sure. I want to fight in August or September but it's up to UFC again.

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