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Randy Couture Heading for Sports Illustrated Cover?

Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is on the cover of ESPN the Magazine, and soon one of his fellow UFC champs could be joining him as a national magazine cover boy: UFC president Dana White says heavyweight champion Randy Couture will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated this summer.

That would be great news for UFC if it were true, but I don't believe it. White is a great promoter for UFC, and this sounds like something he'd say just to get attention for his sport. How would Couture know what Sports Illustrated plans to put on its cover in the future?

I don't doubt that Sports Illustrated will cover Couture's heavyweight title fight against Gabriel Gonzaga in August, but I do doubt that it would be a cover story, especially now that SI's main competitor, ESPN the Magazine, has already beaten SI to the punch by putting Liddell on the cover.

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