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Iron Sheik Unleashes Profane Tirade at Ultimate Warrior

If you don't want to hear some bad language you don't want to watch this video, but if you want to see one washed-up professional wrestler get very angry at another washed-up professional wrestler, it's worth watching:

That was the Iron Sheik yelling at the Ultimate Warrior. Here's what the person who shot the video has to say:
This happened 5/6/07 at a New Jersey sports show. When I was in line to meet the Warrior, the Sheik approached him and tried to shake his hand. The Warrior refused and said, "I'm not shaking a hypocrite's hand. You went around telling people I was on drugs. Get out of my face". At this point, I pulled my trusty digital camera out of my pocket and filmed the encounter starting at that point. The Sheik goes nuts, even decking one of the promoters! I heard that Sheik attacked him again as he was attempting to hide behind a table. Security tried to confiscate my camera as I was leaving, but I headed out the door before the police came.

The Iron Sheik is 64 and the Ultimate Warrior is 47, so if they actually did fight, I think I'd have to bet on Warrior.

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