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Andy Wang's 'The Ultimate Fighter 5' Blog - Episode 2

After all the excitement of the first installment of Season 5, many people wanted more and it delivered. The ongoing drama with Gabe Ruediger continued, as he battled not only his weight, but also a fellow Team Penn member, Matt Wiman. While many of us on the Team Penn side could not figure out how Gabe went from crying his eyes out to all of a sudden being the tough guy challenging people to fights at the house, we started to get the sense that this was starting to become a distraction. When we had to set aside the first 30 minutes of practice for Gabe and Matt to air their grievances, we were right.

We were happy to see Lobstah return to the house, as we were not sure what was going to happen when someone got eliminated. Lobstah was a fun and energetic guy both in the house and at the training facility, so it was good to know he would be around for the long haul. Plus, he was promising to make us some famous Lobster chowder, so our stomachs and appetites were happy he was still around as well!

A big brawl almost erupted due to the fact that Nathan Diaz and Brandon Melendez took exception to the fact that Robert Emerson had written, "Team Pulver: Suck It!" on the wall. I guess they felt poetry and eloquent words were not Robert's strong points, and they let him know about it. They were upset that we had brought the competition home and made it personal. Robert, who was one of the most talented fighters in the house, did the right thing by keeping cool and apologizing for the deed. Robert is one of those guys that likes to have fun and joke around; he really didn't mean anything by it, but I could see why the Pulver guys got upset. After that night, no one ever said "Suck It" again!

The horse! My bedroom was adjacent to the driveway in which the horse slip and fell. All I remember was that the horse was slipping and sliding and I could see he was crapping all over the place. I guess horses get the [crap] scared out of them too!

Manvel had told me the night before fight selections that he only hated one guy in the house, and it was Noah. Noah for the first couple of days was doing a non-stop imitation of the "Borat" character and could be heard running around the house screaming, "That's NIIIICE" and "High FIIIVE"! Everytime he did so, Manvel would get a glare in his eyes and I knew he wasn't kidding around.

When fight selections came around, and Manvel stepped to the mat, I already knew it was going to be Noah. Robert Emerson tried his best to get them to pick him instead, but to no avail. BJ had said that Robert was the most mentally prepared guy on our team to fight, and was hoping to goad Jens into picking him to fight. Robert, being the true fighter he is, was disgusted when they did not accept his challenge. Manvel stuck with the gameplan and challenged Noah.

The fight was a good one; Manvel came out aggressive and was able to get the takedown and top position, where he is very effective and strong. A few moments later, he was able to secure the "Kimura" shoulder lock, and the fight was over. Jens' team was now 2-0 and the pressure was on BJ's team to turn the tide.

Tune in this week to see the size of the tube that Gabe sticks up his A$%^$## !!!

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