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Bruce Lee: Greatest Pound-for-Pound Athlete Ever?

Those lists of the greatest people in history usually have names like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington at the top, and then there are usually some athletes like Jackie Robinson or Joe Louis a little further down. At least, that's what the lists look like in America. There was recently a History's 100 Most Influential People survey in Japan, and it looked a little different.

First place went to Sakamoto Ryoma. The highest-ranking American was Thomas Edison. And at number 37 was Bruce Lee. A reader of Andrew Sullivan's blog made this comment:

Not that I'm dissing on Bruce Lee (#37) but did you see who he beat?
#38 Leonardo da Vinci
#44 Julius Caesar
#58 Ludwig van Beethoven
#91 The Wright Brothers
#99 Isaac Newton
I understand it's the Japanese edition, but wow! Lee not only whooped Chuck Norris but also gravity and air flight. That's impressive.
It's pretty awesome. Lee wasn't just a movie star, he was a genuinely great athlete who often fought and defeated much bigger men. I think he might have been the best pound-for-pound athlete in human history.

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