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Matt Serra Wins UFC Title, SportsCenter Covers It

Matt Serra beat Georges St. Pierre Saturday night to become the new UFC welterweight champion, and the fight was notable for a few reasons. First, it was a huge upset. How huge? Watch UFC's own video promoting the fight, which begins by talking about how unlikely Serra is to beat St. Pierre:

The victory for the 8-1 underdog Serra paid off handsomely for those who had money on him. Most people who bet on Serra were fans of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality TV show that Serra won. The match was part of the first UFC card ever in Texas.

But what I find most fascinating is that ESPN showed highlights of the fight on SportsCenter. That's the biggest statement I've seen in a long time that mixed martial arts is becoming a legitimate sport in the eyes of the masses. ESPN dominates the American sports scene, and if ESPN decides that UFC deserves attention, then UFC will get attention.

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