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Josh Koscheck Interview

A mere 48 hours from one of the most important fights in his career, Josh Koscheck made the time to answer questions from his fans on the UFC and TUF online forums.

Cindy Ortiz (CO): Hi Josh! It's 1am here in Michigan, so it's what, 10pm in California? Are you sure you still want to do this interview now?

Josh Koscheck (JK): Oh, absolutely! Yeah, it's 10:00 here. I just finished working out and I'm leaving the gym now, but yeah, let's do this. I don't get on the UFC and TUF forums, but it's hella cool for you to let me know I have fans there who support me and have questions they want to ask me, so let's do this!

CO: You went from training for the Olympics to competing in the sport of MMA. Forum member with the screen name ZZFD would like to know how that transition came to be.

JK: Pretty much, I was at the US Open wrestling and "Crazy" Bob Cook was there watching and my current agent/manager DeWayne Zinken was there also and they were like "God, you should fight!" And I was like, "Are you serious?" and they were like, "Yeah!" So I was like, "What the hell, I'll give it a try!" So pretty much, I went to AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) and started training and I fell in love with MMA and started fighting!

CO: Forum member heatherhoustontx wants to know what you were doing when you found out you had been selected for TUF.

JK: Let's see, Heather, I was coaching wrestling at the University of Buffalo right before TUF and I was pretty much just taking some fights here and there on short notice. I really didn't train MMA then. I just coached and worked out and it was a pretty simple life when I got the call.

CO: Forum member NHB4Girls2 would like to know how the move benefited you career wise (training partners, climate, more opportunities etc.).

JK: Yeah, a lot more opportunities moving to the west coast from NY. Being closer to Vegas, being closer to LA, you're close to everything on the west coast. It's nice being close to Vegas because that's the home of Zuffa/ UFC. I can shoot down here for a weekend and train at the UFC training center, train at the Zuffa gym, and there's a lot of good schools and gyms in and around Vegas so there's more opportunity and MMA is bigger out here in California than it is on the east coast.

CO: Now it's well known how accomplished you are as a wrestler. What other art forms do you consider yourself to proficient at?

JK: Well, before the show, I had never trained in anything except wrestling. I pretty much just went in and fought and whatever but after the show started and I moved out here, I've been training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with Dave Camarillo, so I think my grappling is becoming more of a threat, working on my stand up skills has been with Javier Mendez, and a lot of times I get to spar with Cung-Le, a K-1 fighter.

CO: Oh, I know who Cung Le is, the K-1 bad-ass. I just caught him on TV last week in a K-1 event from, I believe last year and he just slammed that kid so many times and it was utterly embarrassing, I mean you could just see it in this kids face! Cung Le is brutal and will make you look bad!

JK: He beat the shit out of that guy, mugged him and stole his wallet! I still just consider myself to be a wrestler even though I have other skills. I'm not what I'd consider to be proficient in BJJ or any other art form and I think it'll take me maybe two years to really get my game where I want it to be, so it's just a matter of being patient and "going with the flow" and learning what I can and building on the base that I already have.

CO: Forum member ScottyRoc wants to know about your weight training regimen. He says you are pretty ripped and you hold a lot of lean muscle for a guy who has to train for endurance.

JK: Well, I had a strength coach when I lived in NY and my training program is very complex, kinda like the Cleveland Browns football team is on. I believe it's the same program and my strength coach got me hooked and I've been on this program for about four years now pretty religiously, and its more towards, I would say cardio lifting. I feel that if I'm big and strong, I'm going to be a lot better off in the octagon. So I try to maintain my physique and build my strength and work extra hard on my cardio.

CO: Now, is this on a web site somewhere so ScottyRoc can go and find it?

JK: No, this is a private program, if somebody is interested, and I've actually gotten a lot of comments and questions about lifting and training so I may post something on my web page regarding it but they would have to contact me directly and they can do that through my web site @ I have several secrets that I do pretty regularly when it comes to lifting, conditioning and cardio so ScottyRoc should contact me. Actually, in college I was bigger and more ripped and lean than I am now!

CO: Forum member Conchobar use to live in western NY, too, and what he missed the most after moving was the food (his chicken wings and beer). He wants to know what you miss about the blue collar towns of western NY since you have sorta "moved on up," and how do you like your wings?

JK: (laughter) You know who has the best chicken wings you ever-ever tasted is a place called Duff's and I would hit them quite often. In the Anchor Bar they had phenomenal wings and I miss the pitcher specials for beer there, too, so you could have beer and wings there all day long in almost any restaurant in Buffalo. Actually, I'm going back there in a couple of weeks right after the fight, well, I leave on the tenth for a week so I'm gonna have plenty of Buffalo wings and plenty of beer!

CO: Little Kang, he's another forum member and he wants to know which team/camp/fighter do you think could bring out the best qualities in you as a fighter and maximize your potential?

JK: Well, Kang, I believe I'm with that team right now at AKA in San Jose and if I didn't feel or I didn't believe that this was the right team for me to reach my potential I would move on. I would move to a different team. But right now, I feel that AKA is, without a doubt, the best place and the best team for me to be with to reach my full potential in this sport.

CO: We have another forum member by the screen name of Bridgman who wants to know how it feels to be such "a ladies man?"

JK: (laughter) Oh shit! You know, I do well with the women, uh, I don't have a problem spittin' game, I'm very laid back, so, you know, it's cool! This show has definitely stepped my game up a little bit and my friends hate going out with me now because it's not fair to them (laughter? and a lot of it)! I mean it's just not that fair to my friends anymore when we go out to the bars and hang out in Vegas, I'm in a different league than them now and they kind of hate it! But I do definitely take advantage of that and it's uh? a wonderful time (laughter)!

CO: Who has been your toughest opponent so far?

JK: Um, I'd have to say Cummo (Luke) was. I fought him in New Jersey and I beat this kid senseless and he wouldn't tap. He was one of Matt Serra's students and he was phenomenal. He had great stand up, he had good submissions, he actually had me in a triangle at one point but I got out of it. I choked him three or four times and he would not tap! He was a very-very tough guy!

CO: Forum member BeachRooster wants to know if you have ever considered getting into professional wrestling.

JK: You know, that's actually funny! Shane McMahon happens to be a huge fan of mine. He and the Undertaker were at the last UFC and I sat right next to them and we shot the shit for 15-20 minutes and he told my friend, Daniel Puder (WWE Tough Enough Winner, 2004) that he was "in love with me!" He said, "I just love that kid," so you never know! I'm still young and there's a lot of opportunities coming from this and my agents will jump on board if something comes up.

CO: BigDog wants to know who you would like to fight next and if you'd jump at the chance to mix it up with Leben again.

JK: Um, yeah BigDog! I think Leben wants to fight me more than I want to fight him because I won last time! If I fight Leben and something happens, well he gets his revenge. But yeah, I'd definitely jump at the chance to fight Leben again because we do NOT like each other, we just don't get along and I think it would be worse for him in a rematch because my skills on the ground and standing up have greatly improved since the last time I beat him! What the hell, I'd throw down with Leben again and I know a lot of people want to see that fight happen and if the money is right, I'll kick his ass again, what the hell (laughter)!

CO: Forum member RJJR wants to know if you would like to face off against Diego again.

JK: Absolutely! Definitely, RJ!

CO: Forum member jkalltheway (for Josh Koscheck all the way) wants to know if you have any upcoming fights or personal appearances that you will be making soon.

JK: (laughter) Great screen name JK! I actually will be making some appearances for the company Xyience because they are one of my sponsors, but I've been training for my 8/6 fight so I don't have anything coming up in the next few weeks. I always try to post things like that on my web site or have my "web guy" do it for me, but like I said earlier, I will be going to Buffalo for a week so if JK wants to come there and party with me for a couple of days, she can do that!

CO: Forum member tsosumi wants to know if you plan to keep fighting in the UFC or will you be considering other promotions.

JK: No, I'm totally 100% loyal to the UFC. They took me under their wing and basically made me who I am today and I'm loyal to them, the people who feed me. I would stay with the UFC even if I got an offer for more money with someone else.

CO: Forum members Chocell and skulk asks: Looking back on your fight with Diego, is there anything you would have done differently in order to get that win? If so, what?

JK: Uh, yeah, I probably would have tried to punch him more (laughter)! I lost that fight because of lack of experience and I think that the more fights I have, and the more situations I get in that are closer to that fight with Diego and the more experience I get just from being in the octagon more, I'm gonna be a better fighter, so I think experience was a big part of that fight with Diego. He had already had like twenty fights at that point and I only had four, so?

CO: Forum member badboy2 wants to know if the hatred between you and Leben was as real as it looked or due in part to creative editing.

JK: No, actually that's kind of a good question because the fact is, they could have edited it and made it look even worse, or they could have edited it and made it look even better. At times, Chris and I were very cool in the beginning but then something just clicked and the conflict started and then we just didn't like each other. I think that even now, if they put us back on that show together, the same thing would happen again because some people just don't get along. I mean, when you put sixteen guys in a house and you've heard each others stories ten times, you get annoyed and tensions run high and add alcohol on top that, you know, crazier things could have happened in that house.

CO: Forum member Doh wants to know if you watched the show and how do you feel about your behavior? Any regrets?

JK: I did watch the show, I saw quite a bit of the episodes. It was a great show, it actually had me addicted and I'm sure TUF 2 will have me addicted, too.

CO: So how'd you feel about your behavior?

JK: Sometimes, I'd be like, "Oh man, that's not me!" Other times, I'd be like, "Well, shit! I just made an ass of myself!"

CO: Forum member ZZFD wants to know how it feels to have people refer to you as "the blanket" and "the lay and prayer?"

JK: (laughter) Oh, man! That's cool? whatever. They apparently didn't watch the Sanford fight, so if that's what a blanket does, well shit, I'll be a blanket (laughter)!

CO: Forum member Andreaz wants to know what your favorite moment of the show was and wonders if you will be having any fights in the Niagra/Canadian surrounding area?

JK: I don't think the UFC will ever go to that area, it's too damn cold up there, but Atlantic City, possibly. I'd have to say my favorite moment on the show was, let me think? it really wasn't a moment, it was a night. The night we got to go out and party at the Hard Rock! Man, that night was just crazy, it was just fun and it was good to just be out like that because it reminded me a lot of what it was like in college, you know, just partying and having fun with the guys.

CO: I pulled your web site and it has come a long way in the past three months.

JK: Yeah, it has. We work hard to keep it current. Fans, you should visit my web site because it's going to have some video's, some personal video's that I will be adding because I've hired a camera crew to follow me around at some clubs when I go out and party! It's going to have some footage of training, it's going to have just some crazy video's on there that will let you see what I'm really like and it will be updated pretty regularly so you can get to know me!

Also, ladies, you can pick up your Kos Gear! Every girl should have a Kos shirt, especially a tank top or a wife beater, you know, every girl should be seen in that because it's sexy and it's cute! The addy is so make sure you all check it out, send me a personal e-mail, check out the Kos news, pictures, video clips, find out when I'm making appearances and let me know what you think. I love my fans and I truly enjoy interacting with them whether they're male, female, young, old, it doesn't matter. I work hard for my fans and I want to thank them for all the support, you know. Check my site out!

CO: Oh, wait a minute! I had a last minute question/request for you and it comes from a forum fan that goes by the screen name Frank Lee, and he wants to know if you can stop by his house when you have time because he has some patio furniture that he needs help moving?.. into the pool!

JK: (laughter) Are you kidding me (more laughter)? Ahhhhhhhhhh, I totally could do that! Just give me the address and, uh? I'll show up!

CO: I also have a last minute message for you from the forum that I think you're going to appreciate! It comes from a member with the screen name Geesey and he posted:

Josh- I went to a wrestling camp a few years ago in Edinboro and you were there. You hung out with a bunch of us for a couple of hours and we got some picture with you and you signed some of them. Well, one of my buddies just sold a picture of all of us hanging out that day that you had autographed for $100 on e-Bay. He wants to know how you feel about being a star now.

JK: Holy shit! One hundred dollars?! He better send me freakin' fifty bucks! Congratulations to your friend for getting a hundred dollars! That's pretty bitchin'! Wow! I'm gonna have to start signing shit and putting it on e-Bay!

CO: Is there anything you'd like to say to the UFC and TUF forum fans who contributed some of the questions for this interview?

JK: Oh, yeah, totally! First off, the UFC/TUF forum fans, thanks for all the support! Answering your questions tonight was bitchin'! Thanks for putting them out there for Cindy to ask me. I'm going to keep working hard for all of you and training hard and winning fights. And please, when you get a minute, check out my web site and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from all of you because it's motivating and inspiring to know that so many people wish me well and I'm going to do my best to represent and not disappoint, you guys.

CO: Well, that'll about do it Josh. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview, especially so close to your big fight night. I'll follow up with you after your fight with Spratt because regardless of the outcome, you have a lot of fans who will be looking forward to hearing from you, okay?

JK: Oh definitely, Cindy! Anytime!

CO: Take care, Josh and good luck Saturday night! I'll talk to you next week!

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