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Getting To Know Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

Let's start off with questions from our readers:

Kai asks: Has Genki Sudo or Sakuraba influenced you in anyway?

Mayhem: Absolutely. There is no way that there could not have, even on a subconcious level. I've always had the idea to have unique entrances, and I can't help but bring my personalities to the ring with me. I just wanted to make sure it was all me and not too much of Sak's thing, or Genki's thing. I also watched a lot of kung fu movies growing up and a lot of Ninja Turtles, and a lot of pop culture that has infected my mind to a point I have to let it out when I get the chance.

Ghost asks: Despite the loss to St Pierre, you showed much flair and excitement, something the UFC definitely needs, when are you to
return? PS, you should've made triple the payday!

Mayhem: Ha I agree... I should have been able to roll around naked in baby oil and one hundred dollar bills for the ass whoopin I took that night. I don't know when I'll be back to the UFC, that's between the UFC and my manager. I just wanna scrap.

dwarfofdoom asks: Who is your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Do you have any plans on coming to in Europe/England (Cage Rage/CWFC/KOTC etc)?

Mayhem: Wow, I just fricken mentioned the Ninja Turtles! doom must be reading my brain, or in my closet-- now, when I was younger, I would've said Michealangelo, but as I've grown and matured, I've realized that Raphael was the smartest turtle in the crew. I mean, he was like, "What the hell are we doing? We live in the damn sewer, eat nothing but pizza, and don't even have any place in our shells for our dongs to get out! How the hell are we suppossed to have a gang bang with April O'Neil?" Sarcastic bastard.

As for England, I would LOVE to come to the other side of the pond and knock some limeys teef straight. It would be an honor, but again that is up to my management, Quattro Media. Have someone give them a call, they're in LA.

Ten Questions

1. What are your hobbies outside of martial arts?

Mayhem: I spank it from time to time. I like to try and surf, which looks exactly like drowning, I play video games when I get a chance. A lot of time is spent soaking in new information, reading absorbing what is on the net. I've been spending a lot of time writing blogs, which is another good creative outlet other than bashing someones head. Read them at

2. What is your favorite TV series (past or present)?

Mayhem: Of course TMNT had its moments, but you could never beat the fricken A-Team. I mean, a group of renegade commandos, on the run from the feddy gov, living out of a fricken VAN! That kicks ass. That is why I always would have vans. When times get tough, you can live in them, and ALL the kick ass people would have Vans. Just think about it. For a moment. Go ahead. Yup- the Ninja Turtles- VAN! The A-Team- VAN! The Punisher? You bet your sweet ass he had a Van, with electric wheels so they would shock you if you tried to steal his dubs. Haha Even the best stoners ever had a van, Scooby Doo and Shaggy had the Mystery Machine! Wait... what the hell was the question again? Oh yea, Mr. T rules all. SUCKA!

3. Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Mayhem: I'm thinking some douchebag, whiney ass actor, who complained that his diet coke isn't cold enough in his trailer, while on location in Atlanta shooting a scene where a young, scrawny, big blonde afro-ed mayhem is living in his Honda Civic Hatchback, using his torn up judo gi as a blanket. Either that guy or Taye Diggs. The ladies love his abs, and I always wanted to be that pretty.

4. People would stop thinking you're a tough guy when they find out that you...

Mayhem: routinely slap myself in the face, for no damn reason. Then it just goes from "That guy is tough" to "that guy is crazy/stupid". HA! Actually, I don't front or act like a tough guy. I love to fight- that doesn't mean I can't buttercup on the couch and watch some Sex in Desperate Housewife, or whatever the hell the ladies watch these days. Oh yea, and I like to dance. But not the gay butt wagging type dancing- the funky cold medina type dancing.

5. What CDs are you always listening to?

Mayhem: I usually stuff them all into my ipod, because I'm a techno nerd at heart. But I've been jammin the new Sage Francis cd, which is some dope hip hop with a brain. I saw those guys at the Coachella Valley Music festival, and was blown away. Also on the favorites is the original WuTang Clan cd "36 Chambers" and anything by System of a Down. When it's time to chill I usually put on some Zero 7 or even better Postal Service, which is nerd-hearbreak music.

6. What movie have you watched the most times?

Mayhem: Recently, Sin City. I spent a bunch of cash on seeing it in the theater, but the infamous Fabes made it so I could watch it at home on the big screen. That movie kicks ass cheeks. It's perfectly violent, in a cartoonish way. All the characters are perfectly conflicted and deep and everyone wants to be "Marv" and just bust through doors, knock out dogs, and make things right, by doing so wrong.

7. What's the last good book you read?

Mayhem: Actually "A Week in The Zone." Its a diet book, that explained a lot about insulin levels and why I would feel like crap while I was dieting- not just because I was eating very few calories, but because of what I was eating, and the timing of it all.

8. Who is your favorite MMA fighter to watch?

Mayhem: I like how BJ Penn just keep working to finish the fight non-stop, and is so damn slick on the ground. I also like to see Arlovski dance his big ass all around the ring and hurt all the heavies, that's always good times, especially since he's such a furry little critter. I don't think I can have a particular favorite. Except for Butterbean. He's the best MMA crossover from boxing I've ever seen. When the hell are we going to see Butterbean vs Giant Silva? Mr. Big Chin, make it happen!

9. What's the best thing someone has ever done for you?

Mayhem: DAMN. There are so many to name. I've had so many lucky breaks, and good things happen to me that I can hardly remember. The worst thing is when I was younger I was the most unappreciative bastard ever. My boy Morrison took me off the street in Atlanta, and fed me, his buddy at the time Stolzman hooked me up with a job so I could feed myself, and Jacare' let me train JuJitsu in exchange for the entertainment value of me walking around like a monkey. But really, the list goes on and on.... I know I cannot go back in time and pay everyone back, so I just pay it forward by helping out those less fortunate. I know it sounds cliched, but it is the best thing you can do, the world gets a lot better if everyone does that. It's part of being in my cult. If you join, you learn all about that, and get to wear the Mayhem Monkey label proudly. You don't even have to buy anything, just change the way you think.

10. What has been your biggest accomplishment inside and outside of the ring/cage?

Mayhem: Inside, I'm not sure. I know I have belts, and I know that to most people that means so damn much, but I don't do this for the money, or belts, or women. I never planned on living in a rap video or anything- if it happens great, but I don't care if it never does. I do this because of the fans. I do this because it's something personal inside me I need to fulfill. The louder the crowd screams the harder I fight, it's so surreal. It's like I'm fighting myself in there. Too bad sometimes I get my ass kicked.

Outside the ring, I think I have figured out my craziness to a level where now I'm trying to help other people. There is this stigma with mental illness that you have to hide it, or be embarrassed about it. Embarrassed? yea right- I've embraced it, and got treatment. Something like 20 percent of people in the US have some form of mental illness. That's a HUGE number. That means you definately know someone with a problem, you might even be sitting on your ass reading this going "That Mayday guy is crazy. I don't have any problem." then sit on the toilet and suicide self. That's something I don't want to happen to anyone. Especially when there are so many programs in place to help people, nowadays. You wouldn't ignore a sprained ankle, don't ignore a strained brain. Okay theres my rant on that subject, what else?

Thanks for doing the interview. Do you have anything to say to all
your fans out there?

Mayhem: Kickass, I wanna plug where you can watch the addicted to violence commercial, and buy a damn T-shirt at Go take some z-strol and get buff at and go on a diet, it's the summer, you have the body of a lawyer right now.

As far as a message to the fans, have fun in your life, take responsiblity for your actions, at the end of the day, that is all you have got. Join my cult. It is just the cult of personal responsibility. Don't let the FCC tell you what you can watch. Don't kill anyone. Eat more vegetables, read more, think about yourself more, but do more for others. Punch someone in the face, and get punched, laugh about it afterward, no one press charges, no one sue. Live honorably, like a 21st century samurai.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller's next bout will be against Mark Moreno on July 23rd for SuperBrawl in Hawaii.

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