Morning Report: Alistair Overeem Takes Voluntary NSAC Drug Test, Calls Out Junior dos Santos

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For a guy who isn't actually able to fight for the next six months, Alistair Overeem does a pretty good job staying in the headlines.

Yesterday, just days after he decided he would fight in December, Overeem launched on the offensive. It seems he's well aware of all the disparaging remarks circulating out there. So, completely unprovoked, the mammoth Dutchman dropped this little number on Twitter.

"I'm doing a drug test today to build confidence with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and because I respect and appreciate the UFC," he announced. "And to let Junior (dos Santos) know I am a clean fighter."

Well, that's something, I guess. Even though critics will probably say taking a drug test on a day of your choosing doesn't really prove much. Except, of course, that you know how to pass your own personal drug test.

But regardless, Overeem seems determined to clear his name and chase the UFC belt that has thus far eluded him. So on that front, he left with an extra parting shot for the champ.

"I'm all natural Junior, and I am coming for you."



Overeem takes NSAC drug test. Inactive UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem completed a voluntary drug test with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to "build confidence" and prove he is a clean fighter. Overeem also had a message for UFC champ Junior dos Santos: "I am coming for you."

Fedor on retirement. Legendary Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko discussed his recent struggles, dropping to light heavyweight, and the possibility of him retiring after tonight's fight against Pedro Rizzo.

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Kizer talks Pacquiao vs. Bradley. Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer defended the judges involved in the controversial Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley decision, while stating he feels bad for the fighters and Bob Arum for being falsely accused of unethical behavior.



The marketing train for UFC 147 may have been slightly underwhelming, but the Countdown series is still as high-quality as it gets. So go ahead and treat yourself to an easy work day (and brush up on the TUF Brazil finalists) with part 1 below, followed by part 2 and part 3.


I know it's hard, but try your best not to get jealous of Tito Ortiz while he shows off his absurdly nice house(s) in the UFC's latest edition of Fighter Cribs.


Just watch this clip starting around the 5:00 mark, then go ahead and tell me MMA doesn't need more insane elbow wars. (HT: MMA Mania)


Even knowing the outcome, it's tough not to get nervous watching Wanderlei Silva's personal pre-UFC 139 footage, when a loss meant the end of an era for "The Ax Murderer."











Announced yesterday (Wednesday, June 20, 2012):

UFC on FUEL 5: Jason Young (9-5) vs. Robert Peralta (15-3)



Today's Fanpost of the Day sees the appropriately named Sexytime offer a solution for Showtime's lingering problem: The Case For Cormier vs. Sylvia

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest Tim Sylvia fan. However, we have an interesting situation on our hands. Showtime is exercising their contractual obligations with Cormier and we will see him compete once more in the Hexagon.

There have been a number of names that have been floated around, ranging from current UFC Heavyweights like Shane Carwin to M-1 Global's own Fedor Emelianenko. I'd like to take a look at another interesting option for Zuffa to take. Here's a short list of reasons to look to none other than Tim Sylvia.

1. Gives Showtime a credible opponent for Cormier's plus one fight.

First and foremost, I think this match up solves one of the biggest riddles in Strikeforce; who do we put Cormier in there with for his infamous "plus one"? From all indications (and common sense) it seems that Showtime wants a credible opponent for their Grand Prix champion.

Tim Sylvia is a two time UFC Heavyweight champion and has won 7 out of his last 8 (lost to TUF 10 contestant Abe Wagner) since being shut off by Ray Mercer in 9 seconds. Unless they want to bring in Fedor or any of Fedor's recent opponents outside of North America then it's slim pickin's at best.

2. Low risk for Zuffa

Maybe the fan rally for Sylvia hasn't reached Mark Hunt status, but it still exists. Giving Sylvia a one off fight in Strikeforce is very benifical to Zuffa.

Either A: We see Sylvia look competitive (or even win) or B: He gets destroyed. Either way Zuffa is able to gauge where Sylvia is at this point in his career and if he is worth one more chance in the big show. Best of all for Zuffa, they can avoid sending one of their own for a one off fight with Cormier. If Sylvia fails to produce like Dana has implied he will, they will not be committed to Sylvia and can send him on his way if need be.

Found something perfect for the Morning Report? Just hit me on Twitter @shaunalshatti and we'll include it in tomorrow's post.

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