Bob Sapp Tour of Surrender Continues With Another Quick Loss

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At some point, you have to wonder what exactly a promoter gets out of booking Bob Sapp to fight. For many of us, that point has long passed. Sapp seems to no have no prayer of victory any longer. He hasn't won in two years. He hasn't even been competitive in the same amount of time, his longest fight since then going just 3:04.

His latest display came on Saturday, against the strongman turned fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski in Poland, and this time, Sapp lasted all of 40 seconds before being finished at KSW 19.

You may recall that just a few weeks ago, Sapp was in Slovenia, losing a kickboxing match to someone named Rok Strucl, a result which Wikipedia aptly describes as "KO (Invisible Punch)." That was hot on the heels of his Super Fight League MMA fight with James Thompson, another fight which he lost in short order. Again, for a fair description we go to Wikipedia, where the result is recorded as "Submission (Takedown)."

Against Pudzianowski, Sapp didn't land a single punch.

About 25 seconds into the fight, you can see him touch his face near his right eye, see blood, and then cover up as Pudzianowski takes him down and wails away for the finish.

He's not taking a dive, but it hardly seems like an honest effort, either. This from the man who once, many moons ago, had Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in trouble.

For the record, we should note that KSW 19 did feature a solid co-main event, with Mamed Khalidov knocking out former UFC fighter Rodney Wallace in just 1:55 of the first round.

But back to Sapp, since the start of 2009, the 38-year-old has lost nine of his 10 recorded MMA fights, and eight of his nine recorded kickboxing fights. Everyone deserves a chance to make a living, but there's got to be a better way for all parties involved.

Sometime, this farcical ride will end, but there will be at least one more stop. Later this week, his international tour of surrender continues with a scheduled fight against Soa Palelei in Australia. Given Palelei's pedigree in the sport -- he's 16-3 with 6 straight knockouts -- don't expect that one to last much longer than this sentence.

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