NCAA Wrestling Championships 2012 Results: Semifinals Set With Penn State in Lead

The full results and analysis can be found over at SB Nation, but suffice to say like it's basketball counterpart, this March Matness has been filled with storied programs and their dominant wrestlers owning the rest of the competition. 141 was hit with upsets and there was one number-one seed upended, but generally it's been the top draws making their ways to the semis.

Tonight's semifinals kicks off at 7pm ET. We'll have more after the conclusion of tonight's semi-finals. Full results of today's matches:

125 pounds

Matt McDonough (Iowa) dec. Ryan Mango (Stanford), 13-3
Nico Megaludis (Penn State) dec. Zach Sanders (Minnesota), 7-4
Nic Bedelyon (Kent State) dec. Jesse Delgado (Illinois), 8-5
Frank Perrelli (Cornell) vs. Anthony Zanetta (Pitt), 6-3

133 pounds

Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) pins Zach Stevens (Michigan)
Logan Stieber (Ohio State) dec. Chris Dardanes (Minnesota), 7-4
Tony Ramos (Iowa) pins Steven Keith (Harvard)
B.J. Futrell (Illinois) pins Joe Colon (Northern Iowa)

141 pounds

Kellen Russell (Michigan) dec. Nick Dardanes (Minnesota), 7-3
Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) dec. Zack Neibert (Virginia Tech), 5-3
Montell Marion (Iowa) dec. Boris Novachkov (Cal Poly), 7-6
Hunter Stieber (Ohio State) dec. Mike Mangrum (Oregon State), 6-5

149 pounds

Frank Molinaro (Penn State) dec. Eric Grajales (Michigan), 10-2
Dylan Ness (Minnesota) dec. Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State), 3-2
Tyler Nauman (Pitt) dec. Cole VonOhlen (Air Force), 9-5
Justin Accordino (Hofstra) dec. Nick Lester (Oklahoma), 11-3


Kyle Dake (Cornell) pins Frank Hickman (Bloomsburg)
Derek St. John (Iowa) dec. Dylan Alton (Penn State), 3-1
Jason Welch (Northwestern) dec. No. 11 James Green (Nebraska), 2-1
Ganbayar Sanjaa (American) dec. David Kolodzik (Princeton), 7-3


David Taylor (Penn State) pins Robert Kolesh (Nebraska)
Bedzod Abdurakmonov (Clarion) dec. P.J. Gillespie (Hofstra), 5-1
Josh Asper (Maryland) dec. Shane Onufer (Wyoming), 5-3
Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh) dec. Andrew Sorenson (Iowa State), 7-3


Ed Ruth (Penn State) dec. Nick Heflin (Ohio State), 11-4
Chris Perry (Oklahoma State) dec. Jordan Blanton (Illinois), 3-2
Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford) vs. Nick DesRoches (Cal Poly)
Logan Storley (Minnesota) vs. Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa), 3-1


Quentin Wright (Penn State) pins Ben Bennett (Central Michigan)
Steve Bosak (Cornell) dec. Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota), 1-0
Austin Trotman (Appalachian State) dec. Joe LeBlanc (Wyoming), 12-9
Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) dec. Josh Ihren (Nebraska), 7-4


Cam Simaz (Cornell) dec. Alfonzo Hernandez (Wyoming), 8-2
Chris Honeycutt (Edinboro) dec. Sonny Yohn (Minnesota), 9-4
Matt Wilps (Pitt) pins Brent Haynes (Missouri)
Cayle Byers (Oklahoma State) dec. James Nakashima (Nebraska), 5-4


Ryan Flores (American) pins Andrew Delaney (Citadel)
Tony Nelson (Minnesota) pins Mike McMullan (Northwestern)
Clayton Jack (Oregon State) dec. Cameron Wade (Penn State), 7-0
Zach Rey (Lehigh) dec. Bobby Telford (Iowa), 2-0

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