Josh Alper



Rampage Jackson Is Having a Really, Really Bad Week

Things are not looking up for former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson. Days after leading police on a chase following a hit and run in Orange County, Jackson's been picked up by...

Will Rampage Jackson's Arrest Hurt the Sport of Mixed Martial Arts?

Rampage Jackson's arrest has garnered as much, if not more, coverage than any one of Jackson's fights inside the Octagon. There are plenty of people who probably barely knew Jackson's name before...

Does The Last Pre-Arrest Interview With Rampage Jackson Hold Any Clues?

The hardest thing to figure out about Rampage Jackson's arrest yesterday is what caused him to make such a dreadful decision after getting into a car accident. It's always dangerous to play...

Update On the Fallout From Rampage Jackson's Arrest

There's a raft of information following Rampage Jackson's arrest in Orange County yesterday, little of which sheds light on what was going on with Jackson when he decided to lead police on a car...

Rampage Jackson Goes on a Rampage

It hasn't been the best month for Rampage Jackson. He lost his UFC light heavyweight title to Forrest Griffin in a questionable decision on July 5th. Adding to that insult is an incident in Los...

Can Tim Sylvia Beat Fedor Emelianenko on Saturday Night?

Given Fedor Emelianenko's stature in the MMA world, he's getting most of the attention during the run-up to Saturday night's Affliction main event against Tim Sylvia. Fedor is such a heavy favorite...

Arkansas MMA Fans Get Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen

During a scene in his movie Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen succeeded in making an arena full of rodeo enthusiasts very, very angry at him. It appears that he pulled the same trick twice more in Arkansas...

Floyd Mayweather Really Doesn't Sound Like a Guy Who Is Staying Retired

When Floyd Mayweather announced his retirement from the boxing ring, it wasn't hard to see him switching gears and making a return. He's a boxer, never a group known for keeping their word, he's...

Kendall Holt and Ricardo Torres Fight Produces the Round of the Year

Neither Kendall Holt nor Ricardo Torres is a particularly well-known boxer. Hopefully that didn't stop you from catching their junior welterweight title fight on Saturday night. If you did catch...

Mixed Martial Arts Becomes Legal in Tennessee Tomorrow

The state of New York, despite much talk, hasn't moved any closer to legalizing mixed martial arts. Earlier today, MDS told you that Delaware, a small state but still a state, looks like it is...

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