Dave Meltzer

Senior Writer


Questions remain about Bellator and pay-per-view


Thus far it looks like Bellator's first pay-per-view show was a success, because more people are talking about the promotion than ever before But the big questions remain if the public will support...

History shows PPV success is a low odds game


Bellator, in joining more than two dozen companies, past and present, that have tried to promote MMA on pay-per-view, has one advantage - weekly television with a reliable audience. But in other...

Fortunes changed for five at UFC Fight Night 40


Going from a fighter who lost four times by submission in a string of five fights, the reborn Matt Brown has a potential fight-of-the-year under his belt, and is perhaps one win away from a...

Professor tries to revamp the MMA scoring system


A Bakersfield professor, upset that MMA used the same scoring system that he felt had taken boxing down, figured in time, MMA would come up with a better system. Years later, tired of waiting, he...

Much to learn from regarding UFC Fight Pass


UFC Fight Pass, a concept in its infancy, is well ahead of company projections as far as subscribers go, but at this point, they are not considering it as something that will change the way they...

Stefan Struve returns to action at UFC 175


Stefan Struve finally has a date for his return. He will face Matt Mitrione in a heavyweight contest at UFC 175 on July 6 in Las Vegas.

PPV numbers are in for UFC 171, UFC 172


With departures and serious injuries and to both Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva, UFC has been unable to get the new top stars to the same level as pay-per-view draws this year. But the second...

Bellator, Glory ratings up slightly over weekend


As Bellator heads to its first pay-per-view event, its television ratings have increased slightly from last season. Friday's show, with Joe Warren's interim bantamweight title win, did 701,000...

Sonnen credits Paul Heyman for saving TUF: Brazil


While in Brazil, Chael Sonnen felt things were spiraling out of control during the Ultimate Fighter filming a few months back. So he sought contact information for pro wrestling's Paul Heyman, who...

Wanderlei Silva blames editing for popularity loss


Wanderlei Silva was one of the original MMA fighting heroes from Brazil with his aggressive and all-out style. But as his career winds down, public opinion has changed on him. Ironically, it was...

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