Dave Meltzer

Senior Writer


UFC 170 does better PPV numbers than UFC 169

UFC 170, headlined by Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann, is currently estimated at doing 340,000 buys. The number is in the same range as shows of late headlined by both heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Fortunes changed for five at UFC 171

New champion Johny Hendricks had just one the title when challenges were coming from every direction. There are three strong active contenders, Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley and Hector Lombard, while Georges St-Pierre is always one challenge away.

Johny Hendricks has big shoes to fill

Johny Hendricks walks into the cage as the heir apparent to Matt Hughes and Georges St-Pierre, two of the greatest champions in UFC history. What exactly does Hendricks have to do to garner the level of stardom the previous champs achieved?

Hendricks evolves from wrestler to KO artist

When Johny Hendricks started fighting six years ago, he was one of the country's best wrestlers. Today, he's more known as one of the UFC's most feared KO threats

Sonnen on TUF: Brazil 3: There were many incidents

UFC's Fight Pass subscription service debuts its first original weekly series on Sunday, the Wanderlei Silva-Chael Sonnen coached season of The Ultimate Fighter, taped in Brazil.

Fortunes changed for five at UFC Fight Night 37

For the last seven years, the UFC has run shows throughout Europe. But for the first time, it's about catering to the European market and making it a European product, instead of an American product that sometimes run there.

Unknown fighters deliver one of UFC's best efforts

A show featuring a slew of unknown fighters, and with little hype, held Saturday in Macau, may have delivered UFC's best fight, best knockout, and even best commercial so far this year.

UFC inks difference-making U.K. TV deal

The UFC, long relegated to past midnight time slots due to the time difference, and viewership on subscription sports channels, hits the big name with the equivalent of a prime time network TV deal that starts this coming Saturday.

TRT ban isn't as black and white as it seems

The elimination of testosterone replacement therapy from MMA would be a positive in most cases. But at the Nevada hearings, and in most coverage of the story, the rare exceptions were not even discussed.

Fortunes changed for five at UFC 170

With Ronda Rousey dispatching of Sara McMann, thought to her her most difficult opponent style-wise in the UFC, the company now has its most talked-about champion without a lot of intriguing contenders, besides the ghost of women's MMA past.'

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