The most obvious thing we Ms. about Ronda Rousey

Right off the bat, let me just say that this post isn’t about Ronda’s dominance as a fighter. I’m still on the fence about her childish tantrums throughout the TUF season with Meisha, the constant flipping of the bird and those awkward interviews with Aerial and Jon Anik. But you’ve got to give it to her at least in the sense that she stuck to her guns and refused to shake hands with her nemesis once it was all done. If nothing else, it goes to show that her animosity towards Tate was real and not manufactured solely for the purposes of creating fight hype.

If there’s one thing I can honestly say, Ronda Rousey comes across as a very interesting personality. At this stage of women’s MMA she is clearly much better than everybody else but just as clearly there is a sense of arrogance she has about her talent, capabilities and work ethic. And so far that arrogance hasn’t been proven to be unfounded.

As she keeps taking giant strides towards becoming a bonafide mainstream star with movies, talk show appearances and high profile endorsements, I’m quite surprised at the lack of interest in her personal life. Justified or not, fame and success usually invite a scrutiny into your personal life, your relationships, your failings and your heartbreaks. In all of the Countdown videos, interviews or media appearances I’ve heard nothing about her personal life. Absolutely nothing.

In professions where people are generally required to work closely with each other and be on the road together constantly, it’s quite common to find an incestuous dating culture. This is one of the reasons TV stars date TV stars, Hollywood A listers date Hollywood A listers and WWE Divas Date WWE Superstars. And MMA in this regard is not too different.

Right off the top of my head, I can think of a few examples in our sport:

I’m sure there are many more but you get the point. From all of Ronda’s videos so far, I’m piqued by her equation with coach and long-time friend Edmond Tarverdyan. How can a man work with a supposedly beautiful, attractive, successful woman and not be attracted to her? Or do those very reasons make her intimidating enough to not be desirable? There have been rumors of her seeing Brendan Schuab and being quite footloose and fancy free but nothing that’s out there in the open. And even though she hasn’t been shy in talking about how much she loves having sex before fight night, there really isn’t much of an interest in "what she’s doing and who’s she’s doing it with". This is unlike most desirable female celebrities.

My question being, if Ronda Rousey is positioned as a woman who has it all – beauty, brains, brawn, success, fame, money – why isn’t she desirable to the average Joe out there? And I realize when I say not desirable, I’m making a blanket statement but you know people aren’t hankering for Rhonda Rousey in the same way sexually as they are for Arianne Celeste, Brittany Palmer, Megan Olivi and the likes.

When a woman crosses over into the male bastion of physical combat and dominates it universally, does it make her less sexually desirable? From a hypothetic standpoint, guys always say "Oh yeah I’d surely tap that" but if you really had the opportunity, could you?

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