Dana the unforgiven

Almost a week since Fight Night in Albuquerque and things seem to be clear as water. Jason High will be cut from the UFC and Paul Daley has no chance on getting back.

Last Saturday, i was enjoying the fights very much and was eager to see the Main Event. As a good fan, i ended up watching all the card fight (+ Cummins in prelims) except for one: Rafael Dos Anjos vs Jason High. Reason to that is that i havent being following Dos Anjos very much, despite his sort of rise in the UFC, and High was even a less attraction for me.

Well, as i was constantly on Twitter, things started to heat up about someone pushing the referee. I first thought that High probably got knocked down and as a reflect he pushed the referee (Sam Stout kind of thing). I was wrong, and as i watch the replay i was quite disappointed on what happened, but not for what actually happened, but for the buzz this was actually getting. Dont get me wrong, i do not promote any kind of anti sport action with what so ever but it was clear to me that it was a very in the moment situation (that many people only noticed when published) and a very short one.

Passed that reaction, i went straight on to feeling bad for Paul Daley, worst timing ever for a comeback. I have watched several interviews of Dana after Daleys incident back in 2010 and he was dead on serious about Daley never -ever- coming back to the UFC.

Added to that, after getting back from Maine and hearing the news (but not watching the fight) Dana determines Jason gets the inmediate cut.

Thats when my rage starts to come up. How.. How.. How a guy that makes ONE in the moment mistake can get cut from MMAs biggest company of the world without even getting the chance to talk to its president? Dana pretty much cut this guys professional wings while drinking champagne on his private jet in his way back home.

That is as crazy as unprofessional as it gets.

As expected, while the Daley situation had not been 100% clarified yet, at the UFC174 Pre fight Scrum, Dana says "I cant.. i just cant". My question is: What cant you do? Re hiring a terrible unprofessional, antisport fighter? or putting your ego aside and re-hire a talented fighter that made one mistake 4 years algo?. The UFC interests are cleary not the ones that are at stake, its Danas pride as he realized he has said so many time that "No fucking way Daley gets back" line, that making an actual corporate decision in the companys interest (considering Daleys decent amount of fans), just doesnt cut it.

PUT THE EGO ASIDE!! Who cares what you said 4 years ago, giving a guy a second chance is not the wrong move!! The wrong move is to cut guys like that in a heartbeat while keeping others that have been cheating the sport over a over the years (Stereoids, weight cuts, TRT and even considering crazy moments like Koschecks Oscar performances with Daley and Rumble Johnson).

Being the TRT thing on the airs, even cutting Vitor Belfort or Wanderlei Silva would make much more sense! Of course i wouldnt like that (probably nobody) but how, keeping guys that are taking -with full conscience- banned substances is a better call than guys that -again-, make ONE mistake in the heat of the moment?. Just unaceptable, even the comission decided to not punish High.

So, bottom line is, i am very disappointed on how Dana is managing this things and the sport as of lately. Yes the fights have been great but there is much more things to look at other than just the fights. The UFC should be all about fights, fighters and presenting itself as clean as it cans, and not being determined by the presidents relationship with fighters, that clearly gets to some of them an incredible amount of free passes while to others, the fuck you finger (insert Nick Diaz picture).

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