Level Change MMA Dream Match-ups

I am going to stray a little from my usual serious approach to bring an article that is more fun than serious. I know that everyone has dream match-ups they’d love to see so I thought I’d come up with five of them for you. Here we go.

1. Anderson Silva vs Fedor Emelianenko

The two G.O.A.Ts of MMA would put on a great showing if they fought during their prime. The fight would take place at 205 since Fedor is small enough to make the weight if he tried and Silva is big enough. I’d think that both fighters would be more than willing to keep it standing. Fedor would have the power advantage but Silva would have speed. He would do to Fedor what he did to Forrest Griffin, bob and weave. If Fedor connected he’d likely put Silva to sleep, but I don’t see him doing so. Instead I see Silva dodging a punch and landing a bear paw slap that would make Khabib envious.

2. Georges St. Pierre vs Jean-Claude Van Damme

This could be billed as "The Battle of the Initials: GSP vs. JCVD." "The Muscles from Brussels" is no slouch in combat sports, at least according to GSP himself. He holds a record of 62-5 in combat, though most of those wins are from semi or light contact fights. For this fight, however, JCVD would channel his inner Colonel William F. Guile. Since GSP obviously stands no chance against the Colonel, he will be allotted 30 seconds to apply as much Vaseline as he can. With the added fairness, the match-up should be a good one. Guile will open up with a serious of Sonic Booms, not to hurt GSP but to wake up the crowd that had already fallen asleep from GSP’s boring lay and zzzzzzzzzz. Oh sorry I dozed off just writing about it. The fight will go to a decision, though it’d be delayed while GSP decides if he is retired or not.

3. Wanderlei Silva vs The English Language

Enough said.

4. Rocky Balboa vs Rocky Marciano vs Rocky Miavia vs Rocky from "Rocky and Bullwinkle"

In this fatal four way MMA fight we will see the four most famous Rockys square off for the right to be name "Greatest Rocky in the World." As is normal, Balboa will struggle in the begging, getting beat up with jabs from Marciano, it’d feel as if he’d hit Rock Bottom due to all the nut shots he’s received from the "Flying Squirrel" Rocky. In typical Rocky fashion though he’d come back, defeating the other three. In his post-fight interview, he’d tell Rogan "Yo Adrian, I did it, again."

5. Jon Jones vs Jon Jones

Look the only way Jones is gonna lose is if we clone him and make him fight himself. I wonder if clone Jones would utilize the eye poke as well as Jones does. He can keep the distance by strategically placing a hand on Jones head, school-yard bully style. In the end though it would be Jones raising his hand in victory.

So there you are my five dream match-ups. I hope you enjoy them and let me know yours.

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