Luke Thomas' Wrestling Draft of 2012

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In March of 2012, Luke Thomas predicted that ten top wrestlers could possibly make the transition to mma. This article briefly explores which of these wrestlers have crossed over since, and their succes. Keep in mind that Thomas' original article did not state that these prospects would crossover. The article was a review of wrestlers who COULD SUCCEED if they decided to cross over.

1) Chis "The Cutt" Honeycutt. 170 lbs. A "sure thing" according to Luke Thomas, Honeycutt is 4-0 since starting his mma career in January of 2013. No doubt, Honecutt is a hot prospect.

2) David Taylor. Described on Penn-State's website as, "a three time of the most decorated grapplers in Penn-State history". An internet search reveals that David Taylor has not started a professional mma career yet.

3) Kyle Dake. Another wrestler who didn't make the transition, Dake was a phenomenal wrestler at 149 lbs. Jordan Burroughs was the only man standing in the way of an Olympic run for Dake.

4) Cam Simaz. Standout at 197 lbs., Simaz has yet to transition to mma.

5) Bekzod Abdurakhmonov. 159 lbs. Training with kickboxing gym Sityodtong, and possessing sterling wrestling credentials, Bekzod is a prospect of note. He is 5-0 in mma since debuting in July of 2013.

6) Borislav Novachkov. Dabbling in free-style competition for the past two years, the Bulgarian has yet to make a professional mma appearance.

7) Frank Molinaro. Claimed he was not interested in mma in 2012, Molinaro has not fought in mma.

8 Chris Perry. Same as Molinaro. Athletically capable of being successful in mma but is not currently interested.

9) Devin Carter. Yet another prospect who is not interested nor has competed in mma.

10) Kellen Russel. Like Molinaro, Perry, Carter and the rest, Russel has not transitioned to mma.


In no way is this an attack on Thomas' journalistic skills. Keep in mind that the article was only about wrestlers who COULD crossover. Not necessarily who WOULD. Only two of the ten prospects decided to do mma. Nonetheless, the two that crossed over are undefeated with nine wins between them. Why did the other eight decide not to make the transition to mma? Perhaps getting punched in the face for a living didn't appeal to them. Maybe the money wasn't there. It's no secret that beginning mma fighters don't make substantial money. Comments welcome.

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