Replacements for Junior Dos Santos

Junior Dos Santos has injured his hand and is out of his fight against Stipe Miocic. This is terrible news as it was probably the most anticipated match-up of the month. We need to look and see who could be a possible replacement for JDS if the UFC decides to keep Miocic on the card, which the really need to. Here are three possible replacements.

1. Josh Barnett

Barnett is coming off a loss to Travis Browne and he may not be ready to step back into the cage quite yet, but the list of possible replacements is thin. Barnett would pose a much different threat to Miocic then JDS did. While JDS would look to box with the boxer Miocic, Barnett would most likely be looking to get in the clinch and dirty box or take the fight down and lock in a submission. It would be a good fight that could help to boost Miocic’s stock while getting Barnett back on track, though I think it wouldn’t be as exciting as JDS-Miocic.

2. Frank Mir

Mir is in the same boat as Barnett though MIr’s is just about sunk. Mir is coming off a loss to Alistair Overeem on February, his fourth loss in a row. He is still a big name, however, and a match-up with Miocic could get him a win. Like Barnett, Mir would be best off getting the fight to the ground and locking in a submission. His chin is questionable and Miocic stands a good chance of getting the KO. Mir’s next fight could be his last and he may want a bigger name then Miocic, such as Big Nog.

3. Geronimo dos Santos

Why not replace one dos Santos with another. Many people haven’t heard of GDS, he has yet to make his UFC debut. He is 33-14 and has won 11 straight with all but one by finishes. It wouldn’t be ideal, especially to headline a card, yet there really isn’t much else out there. The problem with GDS was that he had Hep. B, reports are that he is cleared to fight.

With most of the top UFC heavyweights injured or already booked, it may be hard to find a replacement for JDS. Hopefully the UFC can do something. Tell me what you think in the comments and please follow the blog by pushing the button on the right.

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