TUF America (new scoring system)

Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster.

I had the idea a couple of months ago about TUF needing a new format as i felt like there was just something missing in the program. This feeling has been affirmed after Chael and Wanderlei were called into the principles office for fighting, even though teasing an actual fight is the biggest selling point of the show, it all seems a bit illogical.

So anyway to keep things less than long winded ill just explain quickly what you will be reading below. This is my idea for how TUF could be changed to a different format, that would still try to find young talent to bring to the UFC aswell as a new twist on how mma is scored.

This is a team based tournament version of TUF, and i mean an actual team. Scoring is a ....'third person'? system based on the 10 point system. Really would like some feedback because ive been working on it and thinking about it but not sure if its follows how people like to see MMA function.

The Ultimate Fighter- America


4- Team per city/ state

4 Fighters per team

Weight classes, most attainable/most viewable (must be uniform within all teams). For this example, in descending order.

One competitor from each weight class and city. Heavyweight to welterweight.

One city or state "hosts" another, for example, Las Vegas hosts Chicago in the west. Newark hosts Boston.

Tournament structure

TUF retains a tournament system

-Four teams compete in the tournament

-Every team has a 4 first string fighters and a reserve fighter.

-Reserve fighter will be called upon if there is an injury.

-Reserve fighter can also replace a fighter who is deemed medically unfit for a second round fight due to injury sustained in a first round fight.

-Every team has a coach and coaching staff that assume responsibility for fight planning and point strategy.

-Coaches choose first string and reserve fighter.

-Competition is between adjacent fighters, one per episode.

-Fighters are ranked in the team and fights are scheduled on that basis.

-Fights are held under normal sanctioned rules using the ten point must system.

-Fights are three rounds based on the scoring of three judges.

-Each fight is scored independently, whilst also using the results of the ten point must system.

-The independent score is used to determine which team progresses to the next round of the tournament.

-The winning team of the tournament earn a cash incentive and a UFC contract.

Contracts are based on performance; A 2-0 record wins a 3 fight deal. A 1-1 record wins a 2 fight deal and 0-2 record is subject to a 1 fight deal on review.

Reserves can earn contracts on discretion.


This scoring system attempts to mirror the result of the 10 point must system into leader board type points system. Dominate victories earn the highest point lead

Scoring breakdown

All variations of the traditional 10-9 round score are collated from the judges scorecards in case of a decision. A three round fight will result in a max score per judge of 30. Points will be awarded per each round completed. In the case of a stoppage the winning fighter will be awarded a perfect 90. Bonus points are added to keep balance and scale in the scoring.

Fights have a maximum of 90 points to be acquired by the winner. Without bonus points

KO/TKO- 90 points

Submission- 90 points

Decision- 90- 86 points

Fights have a maximum of 85 points to be acquired by the loser, without bonus points.


KO/TKO RD1: 0 points

Submission RD 1: 0 points


24-60 points achievable


72-85 points achievable:

If the fight ends via stoppage, the fighter earns points accrued from the scorecard.

Every round between all three judges is tallied.

If the fight ends via stoppage in the first round, zero points are awarded.

Bonus points

In order to raise the value of a decision win, whilst keeping scale and balance to scoring, a bonus point system is implemented.

30 points 'win' bonus for a decision victory.

30 point 'win' bonus for a stoppage, shared based on rounds

RD1 Stoppage: 15 points

RD2 Stoppage: 9 points

RD3 Stoppage: 6 points

Decision victories now grant up to 120 points with a Point Difference Margin (PDM) of

Best: 120-72 (48 PDM)

Worst :116-85 (31 PDM)

To put this in a sense of scale, the lowest of scores achievable by a stoppage is compared to the generally highest score achieved by a decision win.

A unanimous 30-27 decision, results in a score of ;


A third round stoppage by a fighter losing the two previous rounds, results in a score:

96-60 (36PDM)

Highest/Lowest scores achievable by winner

RD1 Stoppage: 105-0

Split decision: 116-85 (31PDM)

So basically from there, each fighter adds to his teams total points and onwards the tournament goes.

Ok there we go i know this is in serious danger of TLDR but what the hey, the rest of what im working on is more relevant to how the show should function around this format

so what do you guys think?

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