Eddie Ng will never fight One FC champion Shinya Aoki

One FC

Eddie Ng will be 5-0 under the One FC banner if he beats Vincent Latoel on May 30 in Singapore, but unlike most MMA fighters, he won’t ask for a shot at the championship next.

Born in Hong Kong, Ng has won four straight inside the One FC cage heading into a lightweight bout with Latoel at One FC 16, but fighting for the title is out of question since Shinya Aoki, the 155-pound champion, is his training partner at Evolve MMA.

"Shinya Aoki, like all members of the Evolve Fight Team, is my teammates and my ‘brothers,’" Ng told MMAFighting.com. "I would never fight any of them. He is one of my main training partners at Evolve MMA as we are both fighting in the same weight class."

Ng admits he has discussed the possibility with Aoki, and both agreed to never fight each other.

"We have talked about it before." Ng said. "He has said that he will not fight me and he knows that I will not fight him too."

"Of course, being able to fight for the One FC lightweight title would be nice, but that is not my goal," he continued. "I consider myself a martial artist first and foremost, fighting is just a branch off from martial arts. What makes sense to me as a martial artist is to make sure that I am always improving myself every single day as a martial artist, friend, son and ultimately as a human being."

A title fight is not in the horizon, but that doesn’t mean Ng isn’t taking his next fight that seriously. With a 7-1 record, Ng sees Latoel (14-14-2) as the toughest challenge of his career to date.

"I'm prepared for the most difficult fight of my career and I expect an all out war full of stand up exchanges and transitions on the ground," he said. "With knockout and submission wins, Latoel is a well rounded fighter that is fully capable of fighting standing up and on the ground. On top of his skill set, he brings an enormous amount of experience to the table. Experience is something that I feel is often overlooked when analyzing a fighter."

Coming off a pair of submission victories, Ng is aware that it might be Latoel’s biggest weakness, as he was submitted 12 times in his MMA career.

"On any given day, any fighter in the world can be submitted," he said. "No fighter is invincible. The unpredictable nature of MMA is what makes it so exciting and the fastest growing sport in the world."

He doesn’t think it’s going to be easy, though.

"There are certain things that occur only when you fight and that you can’t replicate in training," he said. "Vincent has seen it all and done it all, it will be very difficult to catch him off guard with something new."

"The Magician" co-headlines One FC 16 in Singapore, and having Ben Askren at the main event might help him get the attention from more fans that will tune in to watch the former Bellator champion.

"Honestly I don't think of trying to build my name anywhere," Ng said. "I started fighting as a mean of challenging myself. I know that fighting is not something that I'm going to be able to do forever. I want to enjoy this experience of fighting as much as I can and continue to challenge myself as much as I can."

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