How can Wanderlei Silva be this stupid?

This was written with beer in the blood and after whatching 3rd or 4th W.Silva video of him talkin in the camera...I couldnt hold back, and this is not in my mothers tongue..I am norwegian...good reading..

Let me first just say..that Chael is funny...but I am getting tired...He had his 15 minutes of fame...But this video is just sad. Not as enteratining as the 3-4 earlierer. But we can actually see "progress" here...but it's just so sad. Not that I liked the prior videoer etc. "PLEASE SUPPORT ME BRAZIL, I AM WANDERLEI SILVA..BLA BLA BLA....(scary metallica instrumental in the backtroun) I LOVE BRAZIL AND I AM PROUD bla bla.. AND I CALL EVERYONE WHO DOESNT LIKE BRAZIL OUT...CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I AM A NICE HOMOFHOBIC KIND OF A GUY?!?!?-kinda videoes". Cue-the music and let the rambling begin...In my country..we have this saying...
Its in norwegian, so I'll try to transalte.."some people need protection from themselves.."

WOW, wanderlai silva really understands how the media landscape of 2014 is panning out....(whish I could be a fly on the wall on those editing rooms...)

And now this...Finally Wanderlei Silva think he has learned how Public Relations work, the internet and how the general interactions with fans could and should work..."So that is what Sonnen is doin?!?!? Thats EASY"
His earlier rants are more suited for cocaine after parites with background music.

In this segment his toned down his anger and messange...finally listened to some people, seems like the man behind the camera has somewhat control...thank god? it seems.

Anyhow...W.Silva..HOW COULD you loose the your own language against a FIGHTER who dont even SPEAK the LANGUAGE and has offended your country over and over again, but it seems the country understand alot more than you, just by looking at the stats......You REALLY THINK Chael Sonnen said all that stuff and meant it?
and now he is crying on the show for his students and showin real emiotions... Have you really meet someone that can't tolerant different kind of people? Like real racist, like Klu Klux Klans etc. Or maybe you have ...I've heard some disturbing comments about people that are GAY. So look in the mirror if you are looking for racist.

No I am straight guy with a beautiful girl...sorry for the long post I came home from the pub, and I could not REACT to that HOORID video with all that beer inside me...

Somebody need to give Wanderlei Silva a bitchslap and just ask him to stay in the 90s where he belong....

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