Matt Brown vs. Tyron Woodley. Make Sense?

After Matt Brown's call for a title shot last night, I was left feeling like this should have been the fight to get him there.

He was set to face Carlos Condit, but with a back injury, Brown was forced to rehab while the fight was given to Tyron Woodley for the UFC 171 co-main event.

This was the fight that should have brought Matt Brown the title shot, but the injury set him back not only a few months, but it seems now maybe a few fights as well.

His matchup against Silva was a tough test for a fighter returning from a layoff due to injury. But In the cage he seemed unaffected by the time off, and looked like an ever bigger animal than he already was. However, the matchup was a step back in the rankings relative to Condit's spot.

I know Tyron Woodley had a lot of hype entering the Carlos Condit fight, but unfortunately, that fight ended in what can only be described as a fluke. Yes Tyron, I know you took him down and his knee popped, but you are not going to have me believe you practiced new take downs that break knees at the gym. I see it as the equivalent of a KO due to a headbut, you may have hurt the guy with it, but are you going to be proud of an accident (à la Johnny Bedford)?

There are many things going against Woodley right now. First, with the UFC's expansion and increasing number of events, it becomes easy to forget a fight. Condit vs. Woodley was in March, but in that time there were 6 more UFC events and many more fights to allow you to forget about Condit vs. Woodley (all there is to remember anyways is Condit's knee popping). Second, Hendrix is out to fix an injury himself, so more time will drift by, without Woodley in the mix.

By the time Hendrix is ready to defend his title, Tyron Woodley's name will likely be out of the mix of names as a contender. Everyone who is at the top will most likely have to fight again to claim their spot once and for all.

This is where I can see a matchup between Woodley and Brown to get a true title eliminator. Brown deserved his shot at Condit months ago, so a title eliminator is only fair for him after his performance last night. If Woodley wants to claim his spot as top contender, he should step up.

I think this would be an amazing matchup for Matt Brown and I'm pulling for him to get a title shot. He's been a killer as of late and I really enjoy watching him fight and listening to him talk, he seems like a truly genuine person and a good personality for the sport.

Who do you think Matt Brown should fight next? Who do you have winning a Woodley vs. Brown matchup?

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