FRIDAY: Top10 HW Vitaly Minakov vs. exUFC Contender Cheick Kongo! Bellator115 is MUST SEE!!!



Hi everyone, I usually don't make these unless it's really important, and this is one of those cases.

THIS FRIDAY 4/4/14 at Bellator115 on SpikeTV there's going to be a sensational Top10 HW fight that I've been dying to talk about b/c it's so f*cking epic...and there's not even been an article about it yet! smh. Barely any of these so called "mma journalists" have reported on it, and to make matters even more frustrating, freakin' Bellator themselves have barely advertised it! SMH! Dafuq is wrong with all these ppl!? This fight is going to be SO EPIC!!! It's literally one of the most anticipated events of the season for me...

1st of all, Top10 ranked Vitaly "The New Emperor" Minakov is a TOTAL BEAST!!! The man brings incredibly impressive credentials from Sambo, Judo, and Freestyle Wrestling to his awesomeness in MMA. The Sambo credentials are World Championships in the bigboy World Sambo Tourneys, not just the regional stuff (which he dominated also). And his Judo skills are ultra-impressive as well, to the point he was considering an Olympic run in 2012. Then we get the added bonus that he originally started out as a freestyle wrestler topping off all that beastliness with an excellent wrestling base! But don't let that fool you into thinking he's just a grappler. Minakov luvs to strike, and is in fact an excellent striker! Now take a look at his camps: RusSport and Greg Jackson's!? Add all that to the fact that he's 29 w/already complete MMA striking, grappling, and ground skills?

I am SO PUMPED to see Minakov fight again this Friday on SpikeTV because his opponent will be longtime UFC Contender Cheick Kongo!!!

Cheick Kongo is the longtime UFC HW Gatekeeper (11-6-1 UFC) that we all know and luv, and will tell us if Minakov is for real n ready to reign on the throne! haters gonna hate...
Kongo is not just some fighter that fanboys can write off as a castoff either b/c the UFC wanted to extend his contract but he declined and left:
Remember Kongo DROPPED Cain Velasquez and would've finished him under the PRIDErules (I LUV bringing up that FACT!) and could've had a win over current UFC Title Contender Travis Browne too if not for a point deduction for grabbing the shorts.
We've all seen the awesome fights Kongo's had and know he's a good fighter. Plus he's rebounded nicely in Bellator since the Big Country loss, and has quite frankly looked excellent like OG Kongo!

Bottom Line: This is going to be a sensational Top10 HW fight that I highly recommend!

Also, as an added bonus, we get a WW Semifinal in the Co-Main that's so good it's pretty much a Final itself!!! The bout I'm talking about is of course Andrey Koreshkov vs. Sam Oropeza and it has FIREWORKS written all over it! BOTH these men are WW beasts with excellent striking and finishing power; and stellar TDD to go with it! I completely believe that the man who wins this bout will win the whole thing and achieve the belt! They're both THAT good!

Trust me, tune in for those 2 fights, each man has a shot at winning in both of them. I'm personally guaranteeing they will be good fights. I would not have written this fanpost otherwise.
THANK YOU for reading btw; apologies for any spelling errors and grammar mistakes, didn't have time to make it perfect. PEACE!!!

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