Mr. Brutality's Top 10 KNOCKOUTS GIF-athon

"He who turns the other cheek is a cowardly dog."
- Ragnar Redbeard

After watching Big Country Nelson completely starch Big Nog last weekend, I put together some KO's that have made the Brutality List over the years. There is no real rhyme or reason to this - just some fights that were awesome enough to stick in my head. Usually these KO's are either devastatingly violent or completely surprising, or a wicked combination of the two.

While some people watch MMA for the athletic contest, the battle of wills, or the clash of skill-sets, I mostly watch for moments like these. A sudden burst of explosive violence that leaves the building silent.

Here we go:

10. Roger Huerta vs. Zorobabel Moreira


Huerta continued his descent when he gets finished in devastating fashion by a soccer kick from Zorobabel. This was like an aggravated assault outside of a Brazilian nightclub.

9. The Reem vs. Bigfoot Silva


After a slow two rounds, Bigfoot decided to come out and straight-up smash Overeem in the third. It was as surprising as it was vicious. Watching the ref pull Bigfoot away from his victim was like a scene out of a primitive carnivore documentary.

8. Doug Marshall vs. Brett Cooper


Marshall, for all of his flaws, throws absolute bombs. He puts everything he can into his haymakers and sometimes he connects with a skull for a total lights out.

7. 'Ruthless' Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef


Lawler was taking the most brutal leg kicks ever from the power striker Manhoef. Then out of nowhere, backed up against the fence, he drops him with a huge right.

6. Dan Hendo vs. M. Bisping


Pretty much have to put this one on here. One of the top KO's in UFC history. I don't think there is anyone alive that could take that punch flush on the jaw and stay standing.

5. G.Goodridge vs. P.Herrera


Early MMA - this knockout was brutality in its purest form.

4. Tank Abbott vs. D.Matua


One of the first intense MMA knockouts I ever saw. Got me hooked into the sport. Tank was a great headhunter, if nothing else.

3. Aleksander Emelianenko vs. R. Morais


Aleks has some serious hand speed for a big guy and I was always impressed with him (and his brother's) ability to switch from total nonchalance to total kill-mode in the blink of an eye. This opponent didn't know what hit him after the first punch, and then stood there in a daze eating fists until a nice faceplant.

2. James Irvin vs. Terry Martin


In my opinion, the best walk-off KO ever. This is the shit that happens in movies. Irvin strolls out as soon as Round 2 begins and times a huge flying knee perfectly into the head of Martin for the insta-concussion.

1. Stun Gun DHK vs. Erick Silva


For some reason, I can't get over how awesome this was. No one, and I mean NO ONE, thought that DHK would go down to Brazil and flatten the dynamic Erick Silva with a such a bomb. But Stun Gun loaded up and threw all of his body behind a straight left and dropped Silva like a corpse. Totally shocking, and my current favorite knock out of all time.

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