It's been too long (WMMA Recap: Blocked Websites in China Edition)

I think something is better than nothing, so here's what I have... (it's been a while MMAFighting/BloodyElbow fanpost section)

135lbs: Holly Holm def. Juliana Werner via 5th round TKO

Gif by Zombie Prophet for more go here

  • Just another highlight, another passenger on the Holly Holm hype train
  • Holm did this with a fractured left arm.
  • The brief moments of any grappling, Holm looked uncomfortable and unsure of herself. She's must-watch, but I'm confident she would get wrecked by Ronda and Cyborg. I'd even pick Zingano to beat Holm, if it's the Zingano that goes for takedowns.
  • Her technique is absolutely superb, but does she really have to grunt after every strike? I even heard her grunt after moving away from a strike.

105lbs: Seo Hee Ham def. Shino VanHoose via unanimous decision

  • Van Hoose (van Hoose? VanHoose?) last fought in November of 2012 and was, I think, 17. She is now 18 (born in 1995!!) and has made a substantial improvement, especially with her striking.
  • I doubt she was training much takedown defence as Ham surprised by going after the clinch on many occasions, then taking van Hoose down, getting a few dominant positions. It's definitely great to see Ham incorporate the takedown to compliment her excellent stand up. It's rare to see a fighter that's winning change up their style even if it means become a more well-rounded fighter. Impressed with Ham/her team.
  • I never noticed how lanky van Hoose was in her previous fights. At 5 ft 4 and the big improvement from a year and a half ago, she is certainly someone to keep an eye on.
  • I was pretty choked up at the end of this fight. So, I'll keep this as short as possible. Why in the FUCK is this fight a two rounder WITHOUT a 10 minute marathon round? You have one of the best atomweights in the game (#3 on many rankings), and a girl that has fought two veterans... and you only give them 10 minutes to fight? Can you imagine two top boxers fighting 3 three-minute rounds? I certainly cannot. And to make things worse Road FC, the promotion that put this fight together (OK, at least they put this fight together), has most of the male fights as 3 rounders.

135lbs: Larissa Pacheco def. Lizianne Silveira Da Conceicao via 3rd round submission to defend her Jungle Fight title

  • Pacheco first won the belt with a 3rd round stoppage (TKO) on new Invicta signee, Irene Aldana. And now improves her record to 10-0 (all finishes) with her first title defence.
  • The term prospect is hard to define in MMA, but with only regional experience and 19 years of life, I'd say it is safe to call Pacheco the #1 bantamweight prospect (with a cut off of age 26, I'm using the National Hockey League's cut off rule for rookies)
  • She can strike, she takes people down and can submit. A triple threat, that would be an excellent addition to the UFC's bantamweight division. Alexis Dufresne just lost Amanda Nunes and needs an opponent, and with the amount of Brazil cards, I'm expecting her to get signed pretty soon.
  • In sports the #1 overall draft pick, doesn't always have great success right off the bat, or live up to expectations at all, while some random kid from Russia drafted with the 189th pick becomes a superstar... this should be the expectation with MMA 'prospects' as well.

Link Dump

  • Marina Shafir wins pro debut via armbar 1:57 into the first round. A bunch of photos from the fight. From one of the photos it looks like she hits one of the "big outer" throws or "Osoto"... and of course you can see Ronda in a photo or two. Jessamyn Duke has some footage of Shafir getting her hand raised (Oh, hell yeah. Just realized Instagram is unblocked.)
  • 19 year-old (also born in 1995), Agnieszka Niedzwiedz, moves to 6-0 with a triangle choke 3:59 into the first round. "TheAntiCool" describes it as "vicious GnP while in the topside triangle to put Hewitt away." And this is what MMAJunkie had to say, "Agnieszka Niedzwiedz (6-0) wanted to show off some of her ground skills in her sixth professional fight, which she did styling on bantamweight Gemma Hewitt (1-1) from the top before locking in a fight-ending triangle choke. The fight was all Niedzwiedz as all four minutes of action featured her attempts to finish the fight."
  • I cannot for the life of me find anything on the Brianna van Buren fight this past weekend.

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