will new york rick reconsider his position on non-finishers

last week on the MMA hour someone asked a question and worded it perfectly asking if jose aldo's performances are matching his abilities, next thing the big he doesn't finish he is boring argument pops up and NY Rick makes the statement that some peoples styles are not finishing styles, like yes if they could take a finish ofcoarse they would.

i call bullshit. sorry to be blunt, you see there are plenty of fighters who have reached ufc champion status and than been known for not finishing fights eg, GSP, Jose Aldo, Dominic Cruz, Benson Henderson.

yes all great dominant fighters, legends if you will and you all say "hey, they're the best, leave them alone they're trying to finish"

well there was a man coping the same heat until recently, another ufc champ who had squeezed out decision after decision and for that his whole division was coping alot of heat and loosing alot of fans until he knocked out Joseph Benavidez , yes that man is Demetrious ' Mighty Mouse' Johnson, and if you look at his fight before Joe-Jitsu he got another finish via armbar

my point is, if the smallest champion, with the lowest amount of weight behind his shot, can K.O someone in such scary fashion the way he did Joe, without having to take that big risk, but through superior technique that all CHAMPIONS should possess, why cant these others make the big finishes

yes your saying at the end of the day the 'W' is whats important and the belt, well you know whats just as important? us the fans. we are the ones idolizing you, we are the ones paying our hard earnt money to watch you fight, we are the reason your financially well off and we are the reason you are immortal. without anyone watching what would be the point of their belts? nothing. just some dead cow skin laced with gold.

these champions owe us finishing performances, as even people without champion belts always promise that theyre performance will always match they're abilities. I use Joe Lauzon for example, he goes out there and fights his heart out and performes to the best of his ability every time looking for the finish. And in return the fans are very kind, I personally will tune into a joe lauzon fight even if its a replay where i know he loses. because he actually goes out there and fights.

Now i believe last weekend Jose could of definately turned it on more, been more active in attack and definately found an eventual finish on Lamas, as the title fight jitters were obvious all over lamas, he was so tentative to attack and the score cards show that. i also think overeem could of finished mir definately but i still think that was a good performance I do not agree with Dana there.

other examples where champions COULD OF finished a fight would be bendo V diaz, now i was cheering my ass off for diaz during that fight but he was getting knocked around like crazy in that fight, i dont think its much of us to ask of benson to of turned it on for 30 seconds after one of those overhand rights and finished the fight.

also gsp vs dan hardy. if dan wasnt gonna tap to that arm bar just break the arm. If he wasnt going to tap to that kimura destroy that shoulder!

my point is these fighters dont deserve our sympathy, they say they cant do more, I tell you they can. every other fighter in the ufc can finish fights, the truth is these guys get the belt and they suddenly care more about that belt than the fans now they think theyre a big shot. the fans are owed the absolute best performance these fighters can do.

look at for example lyoto machida, when he was ranked no.1 contender he had those two terrible fights with Dan Henderson and Phil Davis where he stayed very VERY complaicent and pointed out a decision, than he doesnt get a decision over Davis, comes back and Knocks out Munoz straight away.

im sick of fighters fighting just for the win. when they are low in ranks they are hungry and put out these amazing fights, than they get the belt and loose the hunger.

i say to fans stop defending them, they dont care about you, why care about them?

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