A beef with Luke Thomas (and media in general)

I wanted to write a quick post on a couple of items that have been bugging me. Let me start by saying that Luke Thomas is one of my favorite MMA journalists, right after Ariel Helwani. They have different styles and I listen to both of them to get different info. In the case of Luke Thomas, opinion is his thing, and I understand I might not always agree with him. Having said this, I think he is way off on the following topics and wanted to address it in a way that can open in constructive discussion. The items are:

- UFC suing their fans

UFC suing their fans

If you haven’t read, the UFC has successfully sued at least one fan for streaming (not hosting or downloading) two PPV events. Luke and I both agree that the UFC suing their fans is preposterous, stupid and that everybody should be pissed off at them for it. According to Luke though, if the NFL did the same, fans would be rioting on the streets and up in arms, but UFC fans are so brand loyal that we actually rationalize (not defend) the practice in some cases.

This is where we disagree. I think most (if not all) UFC fans are taken back by this practice. I am, but what am I supposed to do according to Luke? Give me specifics? Stop watching UFC, the only top MMA promotion (I know Bellator and WSOF are there, but you know what I mean)? Write a letter to Dana and Lorenzo? What? Anybody?

I put it back on you! Where is the MMA media on this? Why is it not the top MMA story and it’s just a couple posts here and there? It seems to me that MMA media is not wanting to, on behalf of the fans, put the UFC on the spot for this. Am I not right in expecting this from the media? When Obama slips even by a millimeter, I know Bill O’Reilly will be there to crucify him. I don’t need to riot for every single thing I dislike of Obama. Why is MMA media exempt from this implicit consumer/provider agreement?

On a related note, I think MMA media is dropping the ball on Dana’s sketchy contract negotiation tactics by giving dubious headlines to it (i.e. Overeem hiding from JDS) instead of getting the facts together. In this case though, I get it, its media being media. On the prior, I don’t. Not only you are not proxying the fans concerns, but you are leaving a huge story on the table and discussing instead if Frank Mir should retire or not (who cares?!).


This is a whole different issue. According to Luke TRT is stupid, cheating (this was 2 weeks ago so I might be fuzzy on the exact adjectives) and should be banned.

I’m going to give Luke the benefit of the doubt here and assume that his thought is not translating correctly. Low Testosterone is a real thing. I’m an IT manager and sit at a desk all day, have low testosterone and I’m on TRT. A normal male has a testosterone reading of between 250 and 1200. Mine was closer to 150. I train on MMA thrice a week and without the treatment each class was a grind, painful and as a result I would skip a lot. I had no power, resistance or will to train. With TRT, I’M NORMAL (believe me, I don’t look like Brock Lesnar). Training is as hard for me as for everyone else in the class now. So my point is, please inform yourself better or explain yourself better when discussing this subject. Also having low testosterone for an extended period of time may consequence on larger health issues and therefore it’s not recommended to ignore. You had it when you were saying that this levels the playing field for athletes and it extends their professional life.

I believe there is a discussion to be had as to why so many top level MMA fighters are on TRT though. It is extremely high ratio compared to the general population. I wish somebody would take the time and perform real investigative journalism to understand what is going on. Is Vitor using the system to get a fix of steroids, or is he really on need of it? What about Big Foot, Hendo and Chael? Can we really accuse them of anything without knowing more? Is TRT well regulated? What were their readings prior to TRT? What are their levels when they fight? What are their levels when/if they get busted?

Luke, again, the fact that I wrote this post is because I value your opinion. I’m looking forward to see/read your response and keep it up with the Chat Wraps which I really enjoy.

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