Fedor the GOAT

The following is something I wrote up a couple of years ago and thought I would share it as my first Fanpost...

I wrote something similar about GSP. I know what some of you are thinking, not another long post from someone about Fedor, but I wanted to put this out there.

After Dan Henderson ko’d Fedor this past weekend I’ve been reading a lot of posts trashing Fedor and his legacy. Not surprising, but to me a little annoying:

"Bye Fedor….that sound is your legacy going in down the drain!"

"Fedor Emelianenko’s true MMA record is now 3-3."

"Listen, Fedor NEVER was the best HW in the world, NEVER! What has he done to deserve that accolade? What fought Big Nog four times? Cro Cop? Coleman? Sylvia? Arlovski? Please, the rest of the names he’s fought aren’t even worth wasting the time to mention." (it’s funny, some of the guys this person is trashing as the opponents that Fedor beat are actually ex ufc hw champs, some were the champs when Fedor was running through people in Pride.)

When Fedor started in Pride in June 2002 his record was 10-1, he was riding a 6 fight win streak, and the current ufc champion was (temporarily) Josh Barnett. Barnett had won the belt via GNP 2nd round stoppage over Couture, but was stripped of the belt when he later tested positive for steroids.

Over the next 4 1/2 years, until December 2006 when Fedor fought for the last time in Pride, he went 16-0-1. Beating the likes of Schilt, Herring, big Nog (2-0-1), Coleman (2-0) (former ufc hw champion), Randleman (former ufc hw champion), Cro Cop, & Hunt.

This list may not be that impressive to some, especially those who did not watch Pride and only see what these guys have done lately, but...

Big Nog was 19-1-1 when he faced Fedor for the first time and was riding a 13 fight win streak, with his previous win being a submission victory over Dan Henderson. He went on a 5 fight win streak before facing Fedor again and the fight was stopped due to an accidental head butt. There was an immediate rematch 4 months later with Fedor winning.

Mirko was 16-2-2 with 12 of those 16 wins coming by tko/ko, and was on a 7 fight win streak when he lost to Fedor.

Over this span of 4 1/2 years the ufc hw champions were, Barnett, Rodriguez, Sylvia, Mir, Arlovski and again Sylvia. Barnett was stripped of the belt when he tested positive for steroids. Sylvia was also stripped of the belt after popping for steroids, after his first title defense against Gan McGee(?). Who knows how dominant Mir would've been as he suffered the motorcycle accident before he could start his run as champ. And Arlovski was a one time champ until losing it to Sylvia.

So Fedor’s real mma record is 3-3? Now I know the rules were different than the unified rules but as far as I know it was still considered mma. 2 guys fighting under the same rules. Are the people who sh1t all over him and his record saying he isn’t comparable to the guys I mentioned above who were ufc hw champions during a lot of Fedor’s (almost) 10 year unbeaten streak?

What has he done to earn that accolade? During the time he was beating everyone outside of the ufc, the ufc’s hw champs IMO couldn’t be considered all that much better. Certainly not the guys I mentioned. So at one time, for a period of about 4 – 4 1/2 years he was one of the best, if not the best.

Is he comparable to the new breed of hw? Not a chance. Is he the dominant force he once was? No. But to trash on the man and his legacy because he’s suffered a few losses is bs IMHO.

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