Bjorn Rebney calls UFC reaction to GSP 'tasteless'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney was critical of UFC President Dana White, and his recent comments on Georges St-Pierre, on Monday.

White on Wednesday, after the UFC's show in Duluth, Ga., was critical of St-Pierre's comments a few days earlier. St-Pierre had said one of the reasons he was taking time off was that UFC didn't stand behind him when he was trying to set an example of stronger drug testing before his Nov. 16 welterweight title defense against Johny Hendricks.

St-Pierre enrolled himself in the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association and was subject to extensive testing throughout camp. St-Pierre offered by pay for both his and Hendricks testing, but Hendricks side refused, stating after seeing St-Pierre on the VADA web site, they wanted testing from another organization.

While discussions took place involving both sides, Hendricks ended up not subjecting himself to the extensive testing. White, at the time, felt both fighters looked silly in the process.

White noted that on Nov. 16, when St-Pierre told he and Lorenzo Fertitta why he was leaving, he mentioned a personal life issue which neither side has publicly revealed, and never mentioned drug testing, nor had he told the promotion any of this since what he said publicly. White noted the company has ramped up drug testing in recent years,and felt St-Pierre's asking to be tested extensively was to prove suspicions levied by Nick Diaz and B.J. Penn against him weren't true.

He also stated it was silly to categorize UFC as a monopoly, since Bellator was owned by Viacom, one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world.

"I do have an opinion," said Rebney when asked of the situation. "The UFC has set the bar pretty high in terms of tasteless comments. The recent comments on Georges St-Pierre are some of the most tasteless comments they've made in some time. I look at Georges St-Pierre as one of the most honorable champions our sport has ever seen.

"I don't think Georges St-Pierre owes us as fans anything. I don't think he owes the UFC anything. He's given us fans and the organization he's fought for, he's given everything. We should be thankful we've had a guy like that fight in the last ten years. A lot of his points are good points. He's been a de facto ambassador for our sport and I put a lot of credence and credibility in what he's been saying."

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