TUF 18 Ep. 4 Tate/Rousey - Hallman appearance followed by a genitalia tuck and a brutal fight

We have been treated to some awesome fights already this season of TUF. This episode was no different. It may have been a little bit sloppy, and the result was a little bit heartbreaking, but it was a great fight. We had a little bit of striking, followed by some grappling, and then some more striking. That's it for the fight recap. Let's get to's observations again. I don't think we'll have 10 again this time but we do have some good ammo to poke fun with.

1) Edmond - quit while you're ahead

I guess I spelled your name incorrectly last week. I apologize. I see now you are a man big on demanding apologies. Even though it is now your behavior that is causing them to be required. By you. Hey Dennis Hallman, I am going to eyeball you and then mouth off to you. Then demand an apology after I back down.

Here is Edmond taking a swig off his water, mean mugging Hallman:



2) Dennis Hallman - the guy who choked out Matt Hughes. Twice.

52-14 fighter Dennis Hallman made a cameo as a coach on Miesha's team. Since he is from Washington, and so is Tate, and so am I, I have usually liked Hallman. I have a sneaking suspicion Tate brought him in I don't know, as maybe a ringer? What do you think?

So Hallman strolls past Edmond, who eyeballs him. I guess Hallman doesn't like it as in the next scene, we see them talking about exchanging numbers. Then Hallman awesomely says "we can do it right now." To which Edmond, probably regrettably, replies "let's go."

In the span of oh, 5-10 feet or so, Edmond I think realized that running his mouth this time was bad idea jeans. Before he even set foot back into the training center he had his excuse ready at the hip. "You're just trying to get me off the show." And then this time, Ronda stepped in to his defense, getting all up in Hallman's grill. That team there is not coming across as very mature. A whole lotta bark along with a whole lotta excuses.

3) Jello voice

You can tell Edmond was nervous or scared after his run-in with Hallman. His voice was quivering and all shaky. Soon he was in the lobby, demanding Hallman apologize to him, telling Tate she did this on purpose. Hello kettle, have you met my friend pot? Isn't that what you did last week with Caraway there Edmondo? And yeah, I can see Hallman apologizing to you. With a fist.

4) Looks like Holdsworth jumped the gun with the letter from Pena last week cause she wrote one to Roxanne this week. Or she is covering her tracks and now has to write them to every fighter every week so she doesn't get made fun of ha ha.

5) 2 words. Brittney Palmer.

6) I feel that if Tate's team wins this fight between Modafferi and Rakoczy, Team Rousey will implode.



7) Nice transitions from sub to sub by Roxanne. I am even more impressed with Jessica's submission defense or awareness. She seems to know when she is in true danger. So far at least.

8) 50% of the UFC heavyweight division would have folded up like lawn chairs from some of those shots Modafferi was taking. Damn, girl has a chin.

9) I am curious to see how the fence grabber now will do in the semi-finals. 3x? No penalties? Stopped a clear takedown with one. I hate fence grabbers!

10) That loss was kind of heeartbreaking to watch, or listen to. It proves that mma is an unforgiving, and at times very random, sport. Anyone can beat anybody at any time.

Did you watch this episode? What were your thoughts? Who do you see winning this season? Leave a comment freak.

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