TUF 18 - Gossipy Recap of the 3rd Episode of Tate vs. Rousey - Holdsworth vs. Beal



If you were looking for a fight recap of this week's episode of TUF 18, Holdsworth against Beal, this is not that site. I have decided to go away from the recap, analysis, and fight breakdown style of posts that I did last season. Why? Cause nobody was reading them.

I thought it might be more humorous if I wrote more of a gossipy, funny kind of post. Besides, it is much easier and more fun for me to pick apart the show rather than looking for a right hook. If you are a TUF fan, you will hopefully enjoy the stuff below. If you were a fighter on the show, I am a 90 year old man in a wheelchair. If you are Meisha Tate, I have emailed you my phone number along with some pics, we can talk about those later.

With that, let's get it on. Thanks John.

10 things I wanted to discuss from TUF 18 Episode 3

1) Butterfat shake

For winning her fight, Julianna Pena earned a reward from Tate, a butterfat shake. Is butterfat one word or two? I'll go with one word, disgusting. The queen of spades got a piece of chocolate cake as consolation for getting choked out.

2) The Outcast of Poker Flat



Pena doesn't seem to be too well liked on her team. Maybe it was because she beat Baszler, or the high pitched squeal she emitted after handling the butterfat shake. The house did not like her British accent and then accused her of relaying fight picks to the other team. We later found out that she didn't reveal the fight picks. Thankfully, one of the guys tolerates her based on her attractiveness. Way to elevate your game idiot.

3) A little person but not a little person



The guy that accused Pena in the van, Bollinger, I can't quite wrap my brain around his body. It just throws me off. It's like his body wants to be that of a dwarf but it didn't quite commit. Stuck in this middle ground of half man, half teenager.

4) Speaking of body types

I really like Peggy Morgan. I think he has the best shot of winning the show.

5) Stereotype alert

it seems to me that either Armenian's that are involved in mma are insane or Armenian's are just insane period. It's a quality I admire due to the loyalty but also laugh at because of how over the top it is. This isn't the mafia or mob, you ain't going to break Caraway's legs and just ride off into the sunset.

6) Ronda tryna to start poop



Check out this screenshot I took from the episode. Look at how close she is standing next to Caraway. I think the only reason behind it was to start a fight. I do think it borders almost on jealousy, as in trying to make Tate jealous. It all just seems weird. I wonder if Caraway shot her down before.

Tate does yell out "grab her ass Bryan, give it a good squeeze."

7) Give me a ticket for an aeroplane...

The Letter? The Box Tops? Come on now.

Pena wrote Holdsworth a motivational letter. Holdsworth, who probably likes Julianna, then shared it with his roommates and had a good laugh. But then in a confessional, he tells us the viewer, that he appreciates it. So on one hand he pretends to make a joke at her expense in front of the other males but really, he likes her. Dirtbag move man.

8) It kinda sucks that Beal and Holdsworth are fighting this early.

Striker vs. grappler. I wonder how the fight would've been different had Beal's hand had time to heal.

9) Awesome putdown by Tate

The confrontation at the Red Rock started when Rousey made her way to the bar to get some wine. Tate asked her to back away from her man, Ronda made some comment like "anyone with half a brain wouldn't want that man;" which went to this:

Ronda: "Someone should hold pads for you that knows what they're doing."
Miesha: "Like you would know. You don't even know how to hit pads, are you kidding me?"
Ronda: "I don't know how to hit pads?"
Miesha: "You don't even know how to throw punches."
Ronda: "Yo, Edmund."

Note how Rousey calls over the Armenian mob for assistance while Tate has handled her own business.

10) Look at Edmund's body language



In another screenshot, look at how close Rousey trainer Edmund is to her. I would guess that HE has feelings for Ronda but she has relegated him to the friend zone. Despite being stuck there, he would still defend her to the death. Again, very weird.

There you go. Hopefully 10 slightly funny things I noticed from this last episode of TUF 18 - Rousey vs. Tate. If you liked this post, or didn't like it and want to figure out a way to get a hold of me, you should visit my personal website at There are more TUF posts, as well as bjj and fighting concepts, and a bunch of other stuff. Hope to see you over there.

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