How to introduce MMA into countries like India

Entertainment sells – especially in India.

Please consider this – WWE has got a decent hold in the Indian market with intelligent (not aggressive) marketing and about 20 years of sustenance. There is a healthy amount of popularity (and revenue) that WWE commands in a country with Olympic Medals in both wrestling and boxing.

Also, India has its own MMA promotion already ! (Super Fight League aka SFL)

So, here is what should UFC do to make inroads into the Indian markets and take the global sport of MMA truly global.

3. Plan the introduction of MMA.

The SFL never really tried to make the Indians understand MMA first before introducing the fastest growing sport in the world to the TV screens. As a result, what the audiences saw was a very amateurish and jumbled presentation (including commentators with absolutely no knowledge of MMA).

They wanted to make money from the very first fight !

The UFC must learn from this and plan to :-

(a) Showcase MMA at various Fan Expos.

(b) Be seen at various national level combat sports events (They do exist).

(c) Exploit the base already created by WWE (That’s the reality).

(d) Begin with televised events of boxing, Taekwondo etc and gradually moving onto MMA.

(e) Sponsor a celebrity (There are genuine martial artist actors in India).

(f) Take support of the cricketers (If English Premiership League can, why can’t UFC !).

2. Create a need and acceptance in the society.

The Indian streets can be mean. It may not be very easy being a woman here (and everywhere else). Growing up teens have their own issues. People fight to survive. UFC must plan to push MMA not only as a sport, but as a tool to face the odds.

Not limiting MMA as some sort of a self defence technique, UFC think tanks must utilize the forming bases of MMA (BJJ, muay thai, wrestling etc) as distinct arts. These sports are existing but they really don’t mint money or give a job security in India (That’s what sports is all about here).

1. Rope in the Military.

If one single platform can give a major boost to MMA in India it has to be the Army – the second largest in the world.

Let UFC liase with the Army and create an effective mix of unarmed combat aka UAC (being taught at a very loose level in the Army) and MMA techniques. MMA can be introduced as an art of ultimate survival in the eye of the enemy or a perfect tool for overall fitness.

If UFC can tag along with the Armed Forces of India, nothing else would actually matter.

That's all from my side friends.

Keep the happiness...just don't tap out !!

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