Miesha Tate goes OFF on Kim Winslow and Cat Zingano fight


Miesha Tate goes OFF on a long, long Kim Winslow rant… some interesting points and thoughts that Miesha hadn’t expressed about her fight with Cat Zingano, the stoppage and fighters mentality til now. This is a long passage of Miesha thoughts, but I thought it was moderately interesting.

You can listen to the interview here


(transcribed by @ErikssonLau)

Interviewer: If Kim Winslow is the referee of your fight with Ronda Rousey will you say [no]?

Miehsa Tate: There’s no way in hell I’d let Kim Winslow referee another fight of mine. I think she’s horrible. I think some people who are not fighters and watch that fight and are like cringe cause they don’t have the fighter mentality and can never possibly understand it and that’s why they’re sitting in the stands. That’s why I’m the one out there fighting, and I can tell you right now I wasn’t done. I was ready to go on in that fight. I took a couple knees, but I was perfectly cognitive. I was thinking what I need to do, okay, I need to get off the cage and I need to shoot. And that’s what I tried to do. The referee stopped it and some people agree with it and some people don’t. I don’t agree with it. I thought it was premature, if I had lost the first two rounds and it was a downhill slope maybe the stoppage was justify. But the fact that I won the first two rounds and I was off to a slow start in the 3rd round doesn’t mean that the fight should have been stopped because I was bleeding. I had no cuts. I’m sorry my nose bleeds a lot. I have a big nose, whatever. People give me shit about it all the time

Interviewer: You’ve got a beautiful nose!

Miesha Tate: Thank you. WELL, it’s a big target. But, it doesn’t bother me, but people see blood and the referee. I was so pissed when she stopped the fight. The first thing I did was look up at her and said “Why did you stop the fight?" And [Kim Winslow] goes “because your face is a mess". I’m like seriously. That’s why you stopped the fight. Your face is a mess and they still let you work. That’s what I felt like saying to her. Are you serious right now did you not realize that we were coming in here to fight each other. You don’t base it off how much someones bleeding, you base it off whether or not they’re cognitive and they’re still trying. And that’s what she told me in the locker room. [Winslow] said, “Hey, if you’re still working, you’re still trying, you don’t have to be effective, but if you just have to show me you still wanna in the fight" and I feel like I did that. I shot in for a takedown or whatever, and she stopped the fight. And I was pissed about it. I’m still pissed about it. I’ll be pissed about it til the day I die. Or until the day I get to fight Cat Zingano again, and I whoop her ass and what’s done will be done.

Interviewer makes a comparison to Chris Lytle, and Frankie Edgar that if fights were based on how much you bleed, they might not have a career

Fuck, Miesha talks fast, but I always like backstory, behind the scenes shit.

Miesha Tate: As soon as they wipe my face up I was fine. Yeah, I had a broken nose, it wasn’t a severe break, but I had a little crack in my nose. But, who cares, people break their noses all the time. I’m sorry. I really think if my nose hadn’t bled so much, and I just happen to bleed she wouldn’t have stopped the fight. I think she literally looking at my face that I had blood all over my face and said “hey I’m a stop this fight because [Miesha] is bleeding too much." They wipe the blood away I was fine. I was perfectly cognitive. I never lost any focus in the fight. I was just in it. I was off to the slow start, [Zingano] had a good position for a second. But, I feel like the first two rounds… I dominated the 1st round and I won the 2nd round. So, there was so much on the line with that title fight, it was basically equivalent to a title fight

Interviewer: (interrupting) Historically you’ve taken a lot of damage in fights, and come out on top so it’s kind of part of your M.O.

Miesha Tate: Absolutely, I’m kind of the Chris Leben of [WMMA] if you will. I can definitely take a shot and keep coming. That’s my strong point and it’s my downfall because I’m so calm in there. Literally, when she was kneeing me in my face I didn’t feel any pain. I just felt like ‘okay, what do I need to do?’ Bam, she just kneed me in the face, alright I need to get off the cage, bam, she just kneed me again, okay I’m going to shoot. And literally that was my process like that calm. And sometimes not have the sense of urgency when I’m taking damage, I guess, can be a downfall, but at the same time, mentally, it’s not. But, as the referee, it kind of sucks, because my fate is in their hands and that’s literally what I was thinking at the time. I went in for a shot, and she stopped the fight and I couldn’t understand why. But, that’s just the fighter in me and I’m always going to be that way. It’s the same fighter that let Ronda Rousey bend my arm completely backwards. I just don’t like to give up and I think wouldn’t be here today if I had a different mindset. So, it’s not something I would change, but it’s something that is very frustrating when you have people who have never fought a day in their life, like Kim [Winslow].

She doesn’t do anything. I don’t think she deserves to be a referee. And if she is she should go to the amateur levels where it doesn’t matter as much, there’s not as much on the line because she’s literally ruining people’s lives. And you know I was little bit over confident with her going into this fight. She’s gotten a lot of flack before, but she did let the Cyborg and Jan Finney fight go. Then I felt like when the tables turned she just, I don't know, she dropped the ball. I know some people feel like the stop was justified, but like I said all those people are people that aren’t fighters themselves. So, really they can’t say what it feels like to be in the cage. I think any fighter watching that, and knowing me and knowing the shots I’ve taken and comeback from that, would have said “no, that fight shouldn’t have been stopped." And that’s how I feel about it. That’s how I’ll always feel. I don’t care how much flack I get for it. Or how many people say Cat whooped my ass. I whooped her ass for 2 rounds and I know for a fact she doesn’t wanna fight me again. If somebody wants to set that fight up again, if Dana wants to set it up again, please, be my guest. I would love to fight her again. I made a mistake in not expecting her to take me down, but that’s because I almost knocked her out in the 1st round. She came out in the 3rd round she took me down. She’s a good wrestler. On paper, she’s a better wrestler than I am. She wrestled at a college, she’s got all these credentials. I out wrestled her for two rounds. She came out, she was scared to stand with me, she took her shots, she got me, and then the referee was like a yippy chihuahua the whole time I was on the bottom. Saying, “Miesha, you gotta do something you gotta move." I’m like, “Why? She’s not doing anything to me, she’s in my half guard. Nobody finishes fights in halfguard" But, the referee I thought she was going to stop it. She was over-coaching, over-refereeing.

So, I got back to my feet. I took some damage because of it. I tried to get offensive and take a shot and the fight got stopped. It sucks. I’m not happy about it, obviously. You guys are getting me all emotional here. (laughs) But, that’s the truth and that’s how I feel about it. I lost the fight. I’m not gonna make excuses. I got taken down, and whatever it is, I lost. It sucks. I feel like the referee had a big part to with that. I know for sure if they would of let it go to a decision, I won 2 out of the 3 rounds. And I think I would have made a comeback in the 3rd round. If people doubt that, and don’t believe what I’m saying, set that fight up again. I’ll gladly fight her again

Holy fuck. I can’t believe I typed that whole thing. Miesha talked for 7 minutes about Zingano/Winslow. Amazing. And it took me about 1 hour to write this whole thing.

I love the part at the end about not making excuses. When this whole fucking rant is excuses, but not only that she follows it up by continuing her excuses. I don’t care that she’s making excuses, but Miesha does contradict herself A LOT. She gets a lot of hate, but I think she’s an exciting fighter and she is genuine. She just fucks up a lot, but I that emotion and passion coming from her is admirable.

Miesha you definitely DID NOT dominate that 2nd round. If Miesha can beat Ronda (I dont think she will) that rematch with Cat will be big too.

Kim Winslow shouldn’t even be reffing amateur fights in all honesty, and I wouldn’t go as far as saying ruined, cause Tate/Zingano was still incredible, but it could have been even more than that.

I agree with Miesha, bad stoppage. She brings up good points. Good on you, if you were able to read all this and not get frustrated. Annoying girls, that’s that bf/gbf material.

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