Thug Rose Bought Her Own Hype and Ate Crow

Ever since her last victory (via flying armbar) Rose Namajunas has bought into her own media hype and has become nothing less than arrogance personified. Yet she wound up getting beat from pillar to post by the Tiny Tornado in nearly every round last Saturday night, minus the last couple minutes when she laid on top of Tecia and landed fewer strikes than Jon Fitch does (while simultaneously getting upkicked in the face from her opponents' guard).

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Some people are wondering why 1 judge actually gave Tecia the 3rd round with a 30-27 scorecard?

It's because Rose's top game is so inactive that she actually makes Jon Fitch look like Cain Velasquez. It's because Tecia actually landed more serious strikes/elbows/upkicks against Rose from her guard than Rose landed against her from top position (that's a fact which the 3rd judge wisely took notice of).

But that's not all...

During a pre-fight interview (with Frank Trigg) Rose Namajunas actually said that Tecia Torres will "not come back" from this fight. When asked what this means, she jokingly said it means that the Tiny Tornado will probably choose to retire after Rose gets done with her in the cage (she was joking around but you could tell that she really believed she'd wreck Tecia Torres).

So imagine the utter humiliation Rose must feel today after she just got her butt whipped by the Tiny Tornado.

Imagine the additional humiliation Rose must feel for having an armbar fully locked in......yet the Tiny Tornado had the skills to escape from Rose's signature move.

How is Rose dealing with this humiliation?

Well, it appears to me that her HUGE ego is going through the various stages of grief right now.

She appears to be stuck in the DENIAL stage, trying to handle this loss by implying that she was robbed (i.e. she's been tweeting/retweeting comments implying the judges robbed her). LOL.

Talk about a giant ego. That's what happens when you get humiliated and don't know how to accept the reality that the Tiny Tornado is better than you. Rose can't admit this fact so she clings to the belief that she was robbed. Classic denial.

But that's not all...

During the pre-fight "PPV broadcast" Rose was caught referring to herself in the THIRD PERSON saying: "you shouldn't fight Rose, it's not a smart thing".

Hint: When a person begins referring to themselves in the THIRD PERSON you can be sure that not only have they bought into their own hype.....but they also worship at their own altar. LOL.

Rose Namajunas clearly is a victim of buying into her own hype and now she's eating crow.

The Tiny Tornado, on the other hand, has been nothing but respectful during her pre-fight and post-fight interviews and has always shown respect for Rose Namajunas.

So in the end I'm happy for the Tiny Tornado since she really did teach Rose a lesson.

I'll end this post with some free advice for Thug Rose...

1) Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
2) Don't underestimate your opponents.
3) Don't buy into your own media hype.
4) Don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person.
5) You ain't Ronda Rousey so stop with the flying armbar attempts.
6) Buy a tanning salon membership for your next fight.
7) Your feet are too big for your ankles and look like snowshoes.

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