Top Five UFC Prospect's

Hey this is my first fan post so sorry for any mistake's in grammer and spelling.

Ufc’s top five prospects:

5. Sara Mcmann.

Watch out for this olympian silver medalist because although she finds herself at number five, she’s probably one of the closest to a title shot. Aside from being the 2004 free style US silver medalist, she has also won a silver medal in ADCC North American Championship, and a three time NAGA gold medalist. I believe this prospect is one fight away from getting a crack at the other olympian, Ronda Rousey. Because what would be cooler then two scrappy Olympians beating the crap out of each other?

4. Conor McGregor.

The Dublin Ireland native carries the weight his country on his back every time he comes to fight. This is clearly seen in his fist. Boasting twelve wins by KO and one by submission, theres no doubt this young man is a finisher, knocking a tough Marcus Brimage out in only a minute and seven seconds. Although the feather weight division is a little packed right now, with the amount of people that have been calling him out expect him to rise in the next two years.

3. Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Khabib has looked impression in all of his UFC wins and holds an impressive nineteen winning streak with no loses. The way this strong twenty four year old pushes the pace is an obvious result of his Sambo training. This internationally recognized Sambo Master is bound to have a title shot in a manner of time if he keeps going the way he’s been.

2. Michael McDonald.

Why is Michael McDonald on this list? He seems like he has to much experience to be a prospect. The reason I place him down as a prospect is because he’s only twenty two years old and his only set back has been a fourth round submission to the man I consider the true bantam weight champion, Renan Barao. Before that fight he was on a tear and at an age where he’s bound to get carded for ordering a beer with his meal, he’s got a lot of time to grow.

1. Rory McDonald.

I truly believe that Rory McDonald may rival Jon Jones for youngest, most impressive fighter. (I’m obviously talking about when Jones was twenty three net Jones right now). If it wasn’t for his respect for the Welter-Weight king George St. Pierre, I believe we would have already seen him in a title shot. Rory has the full package. He’s big strong carrying heavy punches and kicks but also has a graceful fluidity when he combines strikes thats reflects GSP’s own style of striking. He’s a nightmare match up for any fighter because frankly, how do you deal with him? He can whoop you standing and stuff your takedowns, and the moment you start to settle in with him standing he’s taking you down. We have a true genius is this guy, I can’t wait to see him pursue his full potential.

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