There are far few things funnier in this universe than Ronda Rousey calling Miesha Tate's boyfriend 'Bryan Tate' when his last name is actually Caraway.Bryan Caraway is a hot topic now not because of his MMA stardom (we all know he is light years away from that) but all the controversies that surrounds him.

Lets get into his background first

He was a contestant at TUF 14 where he was not even popular among his own team coz they though he is 'all talk no show & a woos'.
He become popular & little bit known coz he started dating Former strike-force champ Miesha Tate.

Controversies surrounding Bryan.

1) In a interview on the The Joe Rogan Experience BLOG #15 Ronda Rousey, laughing, said "I want to fight Miesha next, and then after that I wan to fight her boyfriend." (13:51 mark) When asked if she really thought she could beat Miesha's boyfriend TUF finalist Bryan Caraway, Rousey said yes, twice.

Caraway responds on twitter

"that was just a publicity stunt. Guys and girls arent = I would knock her head off w 1 arm or choke her, not a real question". "and if she wants to challenge a man I'll knock her teeth dwn her throat the break her arm!"

he did get lot of heat from fans for his stupid remarks but got away clean.

2) when Pat Healy got suspended for marijuana use for his fight at UFC 159 Bryan caraway followed Dana White like a stoker on twitter & begged for Healy's SOTN bonus which he did get. But where is the problem:- the problem started when he publicly bashed marijuana supporters while gleefully accepting another fighter's bonus pay while speaking to MMA Junkie
In a recent interview with MMA Junkie's Steven Marrocco, Caraway said that he was rather happy getting Pat Healy's $65,000 submission of the night bonus after he tested positive for marijuana earlier this week. Bryan Caraway even decided to blast marijuana users across the world, stating he has absolutely 'zero tolerance for people that do it.

"All I've got to say is that's some expensive weed," he said. "I like Healy a lot. I came up through the fighting ranks with him. We used to train together at Team Quest. I love the guy. But I have absolutely zero remorse or guilt.

I hate weed. I cannot stand it. I've never tried it. I've never smoked a drug in my life. So I have absolutely zero tolerance for people that do it. I don't care if it's legal in some places or not. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Whether it's legal in real life or not, they tell you to follow the rules. You need to follow the rules."

he forgot that a fellow fighter was bleeding who just lost 145 K $ which was very important for him & his family. yes he did made a mistake but his crime doesn't fit the punishment & Caraway could have dealt this situation with more class (maybe he never had any).

This is how MMA fighters responded to the situation:- Nate Diaz recently got himself fined and suspended for calling Caraway "the biggest fag in the world" on Twitter and Rousey herself pointedly told MiddleEasy that Tate should dump her "douche" boyfriend. Bellator's Michelle Ould, MMA veteran wrote on twitter "Dude use[d] to sell my ex roommate PED's - but he hates weed -go figure,"

Bryan denied the selling PED allegation Caraway appeared to regret his strong anti-marijuana stance. He also refused to get into a public war of words with Diaz.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it's America," he said. "But his word choice was poor, same as myself."I was too harsh in my interview about marijuana."

3) Recently Bloody Elbow interviewed Cat Zingano in which she talked about TUF 17 finale weigh-in incident & said:-

[Caraway] smiled back in my face then elbowed me in the head at weigh-ins. I was pissed. I considered him in that same respect. I am a fighter all the same, but that was dirty and cheap to do to anyone, let alone a girl.

[Caraway and Tate] were both in on it, which makes it even more disturbing. If my husband or son ever pulled something like that, I would be their biggest problem. I won't be bullied nor condone it.

Other members of Zingano's camp have corroborated the story, Caraway replied saying the allegations are 'a joke, total lies & BS'. UFC hasn't made any official comment & are investigating the subject.

TheMmaIndia:- So far, he's threatened to physically maim Ronda Rousey on Twitter, publicly bashed marijuana supporters while gleefully accepting another fighter's bonus pay while speaking to MMA Junkie, and if the latest news from Bloody Elbow turns out to be accurate, intentionally attacked Cat Zingano prior to her TUF 17 Finale bout with his girlfriend, Miesha Tate. But if these allegations are true then caraway went from threatening a woman to actually beating 1 which is a new Low for the fighter. I dont know but somehow caraway is finding himself in the middle of these controversies & he is getting a lot of Fan(fans of other fighters coz he really has very few) & media attention for all the wrong reasons which i don't think is good for him or Miesha coz they have very quickly became the MMA most hated couple. Tate and Caraway seem to be making more enemies by the day—and with so much negative press in such a short span of time, one has to wonder when (and if) MMA fans will turn on them completely.

Sumit Uniyal

what you guys think. Do comment.

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