Now this is going to make me seem like a troll but take a moment to have a read through some of this,hell it may even make you laugh a little.

1.Randy Couture:Now where im at here with randy is the hype and fanbase behind him,The highlights of a 5 time world champion,now 5 time sounds great but when you think how many times he lost the title i mean it was arlovski,sylvia,couture passing the title back and fourth like neighbours lending you a garden tool.

Now the hall of fame status,in 2006 randy become a ufc hall of famer,i remember james toney asking how is he a hall of famer with his record,now lets take a look at it,june 2006 couture got his spot in hall of fame with a ufc record of 13 wins 8 defeats.

2.Royce Gracie

Royce may well have taken part in the first ufc event but does his ufc record along with the people he beat demand respect ?.

Royce was 11-0 untill his rematch with ken shamrock that ended a draw i believe,now out of his record the only guy with any sort of name was ken shamrock and for what its worth ken was an average mma fighter,he may have looked great back then but only due to the roster of fighters being a joke,might as well be you and me in the cage it was that bad.

the respect the gracie family demands,i hear alot of we started it off bjj like current day mma comes down to them,the way i see it is there have been people doing all this stuff probably going back thousands of years but royce and ken were like the only guys with any kind of skill in there at the time so it does not hold much value,also the only decent mma fighter royce fought was matt hughes and matt destroyed him made it look easy.

now back in pride fc,royce lost a fight to some judo style guy then disputed the loss,made threats to never return to pride and he bitched and cried long enough that they orderd a rematch with the rules made by royce to suit him and i think that ended a draw,royce seemed quite pleased with the outcome.

3.Dana White

Dana white i have always been a fan of this guy apart from him blocking me on twitter for asking if he would resign paul daley,but anyways i often here him complain about boxing not making the superfights and that he makes fights the fans want to see yet there is hidden agenda over jones vs silva,over last 18 months jones vs silva has been asked now anderson silva keeps saying its dana's decision,jones wants it i believe he is trying to be humble about it,then dana says things like i will have to talk to anderson and see where we are at and around in circles we go,i believe the superfight can be made anytime but for some reason i believe the powers that be don't want it.also anderson silva call during ufc 159 and dana refusing to give any comment on it.

4.Fighters talking

it really fucks me off when you watch upcoming week of media calls,press conferences,weigh ins,videos etc and the fighters talk about there training camps and gameplans when quite often they just turn into a 3 round dry humping session with a complete lack of killer instinct,sometimes you watch and think why did this guy ever want to be a fighter in the first place ?.this only goes for a fair few fighters,there are many that are brutal.

Anderson Silva

anderson is amazing i love watching him fight and doing all that matrix style stuff but when your number 1 and doing that stuff and avoid jon jones to the point its so obvious and going after gsp last novemeber at gsp vs condit i really could not believe what i was hearing.

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