'WAR MMA' Nick Diaz's Retirement Plan

I first heard about this in May 12 installment of’s Rumor Mill column, which was followed by longtime Diaz-documentarian LayzieTheSavage posting a link to RedditMMA:, which contains a logo for something called WAR Mixed Martial Arts, and a "Coming Soon" message. Diaz has parked a website for a planned promotion called WAR Mixed Martial Arts at And a similar Twitter account has been created, as well No other details are available at this time.

An official with the California State Athletic Commission on Monday told that Diaz has started the process of applying for a promoter's license in the state.The official cautioned, however, that much still needed to be done before WAR MMA could put on a show. Among the items the CSAC would need to review prior to approving a license include financial statements, resumes and an article of incorporation.The official did say that a background check on Diaz performed by the CSAC came back clean.

for some Diaz is a PR nightmare & for most of us who cant get more of him think it as PR Gold. for me this news in Interesting & funny at the same time. This promotion may Seal his fighting career with UFC . I wish Nick Diaz the best in all his future endeavours & hope to hear some official news about WAR MMA soon.

So what would Diaz’s brand-new MMA promotion actually look like? --- let the jokes begin---.

- Each match will consist of a Four(4) round, 1st opponents will come to the cage after a 25-mile bike ride. then the have to trash talk for 10 minutes in third round fighters have to hit speed bag for 20 minutes & in last round they will fight for 15 minutes.
- No judges will be used, because it’s like, after a fight ends, everybody knows who won the damn fight.
- Since marijuana is not a PED, it won’t be tested for during drug-screenings. If anytime Nick diaz suspect that the fighter is on steroid then the MF(***) is out.
- superman punches will be banned.
-3 bitches(flashing middle finger) is mandatory in the fight.
-Press obligation will be optional but if fighter does comply he/she have to curse a minimum 3 times in front of press otherwise will be fined.
-ring girls have to pamper the Main Event Fighters.
-a fighter can win a match via KO, sub, cage control n amount of trash talk
-if a fighter lay n pray in the ring than referee will kick him in the groin as a penalty.
-the ticket has a picture of wolf with a big X on it..(#NoWolfTicket).

Sumit Uniyal

Feel free to add your own WAR MMA rules in the comments section.

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