Most sensible fights for Conor McGregor.

It seems like everyone is talking about the UFC’s new hottest prospect Conor McGregor. From fans to reporters to fighters. Especially fighters at feather weight. Conor has already had mild confrontations with top five contender Cub Swanson and seven ranked Dustin Poirier. Now at this time I personally believe these fighters are a little ahead of him purely based on accomplishments alone. But I would like to analyze a few fighters that this young soon-to-be star could face next.

5. Cole Miller.

Cole Miller is a submission specialist and if you look at McGregor’s two losses guess what? They’re both from submission. I have a strong belief in McGregor but I don’t want to place my faith in something unreal. I want to see this man tested in his weakness. Cole Miller could be that man.

4. Steven Siler.

Siler makes sense because he has solid ufc experience. He’s currently 4-1 in the UFC with his only loss being a decision to Darren Elkins. He’s a good fight for McGregor because I believe he’s a man who won’t believe the hype. He comes for you and brings the pressure. I believe this fight would be a war.

3. Cody Mckenzie.

“Woo woo woo there take a step back for a second, Cody Mckenzie?” Yes, Cody Mckenzie. Before you scoff at the idea of this fight think about it. This fight makes perfect sense. Cody loves to call out fighters way out of his league, like Frankie Edger and Josh Thompson. I say lets give him what he wants, after all, he did just win his last fight. This is an opportunity for Conor to raise his highlight reel or for Mckenzie to make an upset. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t watch it.

2. Akira Corassani.

Akira Corassani has a strong brawler type style that would go amazing with Conor’s boxing skills. Not to mention they both have an extremely hot blooded competitive spirit. I see this fight going two rounds, on the feet the entire time. It a fight that has “keep your hands up” written all over it.

1. Diego Brandao.

Of the entire list, this would be his biggest challenge for McGregor. Brandao is a scary fighter especially in the early rounds. Conor would be tested like never before. Conor doesn’t have a real edge anywhere in this fight and would really have to dig deep to defeat the beast that is Brandao. Nevertheless, this fight would be amazing. We may not see it soon, but this could be a future title fight in the making.

Place your opinion in the comment section below on who should be in this list or shouldn’t.

Honorable mentions: Daniel Pineda, Rony Jason.

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