Fallon Fox won't try out for 'The Ultimate Fighter,' hopes to soon fight for Invicta and/or UFC

Championship Fighting Alliance
Fallon Fox, the transgendered mixed martial arts fighter who has dominated headlines over the past month, will not be trying out for "The Ultimate Fighter."

Her reason, according to her manager Brett Atchley, is simple: she's too old.

According to the UFC, you must be 35 years old or younger try out for the reality show, which will be holding tryouts for its 18th season on April 15 in Las Vegas. Fox will be turning 38 later this year.

However, Atchley said Fox's ultimate goal is to someday fight in the UFC.

"I think everybody [dreams of fighting in the UFC]," he said, "and of course she does. If her career allows it, she would do it."

UFC president Dana White recently said that the 2-0 Fox is "so freaking far from being in the UFC that it’s not even funny."

Fox currently fights at 145 pounds, however, Atchley said she is planning a move down to 135 pounds, which is the only female division the UFC currently features. TUF 18 will showcase eight 135-pound male fighters living in the same house as eight 135-pound female fighters.

Fox is scheduled to fight Allana Jones in the semifinals of Championship Fighting Alliance's women's featherweight tournament on May 24, however, Atchley said that fight is only approximately 90 percent official. The Florida State Boxing Commission still has the right to approve or deny the fight once CFA submits the fight card, which has yet to be done.

Her contract with CFA expires in either two years or if she fights four more times within the next two years.

If Fox can't fight in the UFC, Atchley said her next, perhaps more realistic, goal is to fight for Invicta Fighting Championships, who will be holding its fifth show Friday night. Fox will be attending that event in Kansas City, MO.

"That's where she wants to end up," he said. "She's very vocal about that. It just all depends on what happens with her licensing."

But Atchley wanted to put the rumors of his client fighting Cris Cyborg, who will make her Invicta debut on Friday night, to rest.

"It's unrealistic. She's not even close to matching up with her. It's probably not even something that's realistic to look at."

And neither is a spot on TUF 18. The UFC and/or Invicta, on the other hand, are hurdles she'll look to conquer in the near future.

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