Aussie MMA Fighters Don't Measure Up

Australia is a country that produces such weak MMA athletes that the progress 'bar' (by which we measure such athletes) has been lowered to such ridiculously low levels that even the world's best limbo athlete could not get under it.

Australian MMA athletes are so poorly trained that the only criteria we use to push them into a championship contender status is that they beat a few tomato cans.

Case in point #1: G-Sot

This is a guy who had no remarkable wins in one of the most competitive weight classes in the UFC (except beating a gassed-out Joe Lauzon) yet he was hyped up to be a title contender simply because he's from the Land Down Under.

After he was matched against top notch competition he folded like a cheap suit and is now a 3 time loser. I doubt he'll be cut from the UFC after 3 consecutive losses though.... Why? Because he's from the Land Down Under and we have lowered the 'bar' so low that it probably takes 10 losses in a row to get cut from the UFC if you're an Aussie.

Case in point #2: Bec Hyatt

This is a gal who has almost no fighting accolades whatsoever yet she was put into a so-called title bout after beating only tomato cans (and she actually got KTFO by one of those tomato cans, LOL).

What did she do against top notch competition?

She laid on her back for nearly 25 minutes and got dominated similar to the way in which GSP dominated Dan Hardy. She spent more time on her back than a napping baby and proved that she has almost no serious MMA skills other than surviving and not getting knocked out.

Yet for some reason MMA journalists are writing stories implying that she's a credible contender and a future star of MMA. LOL.

Why? Because she's from Australia and anybody from that country is proclaimed a contender as long as they beat a few tomato cans.

She's even luckier since she was raised in Tasmania.......which is probably one of the poorest and least advanced places in Australia (Tasmania probably produces more losers per capita than most other places in Australia).

Luckily for Bec this worked in her favor since she received even more false hype specifically because of her upbringing in such an unenviable place. She's barely qualified to be a regional fighter yet she's hyped up to be a title contender. Talk about Alice in Wonderland type logic.

As a side note... I think she might win against a berserker striker like Jasminka Cive (using LnP) but once Bec gets thrown into the deep end of the pool and has to fight more top contenders she'll wind up just like G-Sot.

Case in point #3: Mark Hunt

Okay, so Mark Hunt ain't from Australia but that's just a technicality. New Zealand is close enough to Aussie culture that it's virtually the same country.

Mark Hunt was just elevated into a #1 contender's match after beating 4 heavyweight tomato cans (Tuchsherer, Kongo, Rothwell and Struve). Not only that, but Hunt suffered 6 losses in a row when he had to fight against top competition.

In other words, when Hunt couldn't hack it after trying to swim in the deep end of the pool with the sharks........the UFC let him go to the wading pool and beat a bunch of goldfish and guppies before giving him a title contender's bout. LOL.

...All the while people like JDS weren't given a title shot until they beat heavyweight lions like Carwin, CroCop, Werdum, Nelson and Gonzaga (mixed in with a few tomato cans like Struve and Yvel, but at least JDS stopped Struve in the first round whereas Mark Hunt needed 3 rounds to dispatch of that 7 foot tomato can, LOL).

Oh, and JDS also beat Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez (something Mark Hunt could never do).

Yet because Mark Hunt is a (virtual) Aussie he gets the easy road to a contender's bout just like G-Sot and Bec Hyatt.

Why? Because Aussies suck at MMA and we've had to LOWER THE BAR OF SUCCESS for them.

Hunt is a good kickboxer but he sucks as an MMA fighter. Heck, even his legions of fans are trying to goad JDS into standing and banging because they realize that Mark Hunt can't win against anybody who won't stand and bang in a kickboxing type match.

In other words, he's good at kickboxing but sucks at MMA.

JDS had to successfully fight off takedowns from Nelson, Mir and Carwin to beat them but Mark Hunt would be taken down and dominated with ease against any of those fighters. His fans know it.

Why did I only list 3 cases in point?

Because there are so few credible MMA athletes (non tomato cans) from Australia that it's impossible to list any more. I rest my case until somebody proves it wrong. :-)

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