Do U Believe Catsin Gano will Beat Ronda? Prove it!

Ronda Rousey has opened as a serious betting favorite over Catsin Gano (aka Cathilee Albert, aka Cathilee Zingano, aka Cat Zingano).

If you're one of the many people who keep saying that Catsin Gano will crush Rousey with brutal knees then now is the time to place that HUGE BET since the odds for Zingano are +550 (you win $550 for every $100 you bet).

These odds will likely move closer to Zingano's favor by fight night (yielding a smaller payout to her fanboys) so now's the time to place that huge bet if you're a Zingano fan.

This is a HUGE opportunity for Zingano fans who claim to KNOW that Catsin Gano will beat Ronda.

So I'm wondering how many of Zingano's fans actually have the BALLS the put some SERIOUS money on her now that the betting line will yield them a small fortune if Zingano wins?

If there's NO RISK of Catniss Zingano losing then what are you waiting for?

I'm guessing that NONE of Zingano's fanboys have the balls to risk any SERIOUS money on her since they KNOW she's going to get the shit kicked out of her by Ronda. They know Ronda will tear her arm off after seeing how easy Miesha took her down and caught an arm.

I'm not talking about a tiny $50 or $100 bet either. Only pussies bet in those amounts.

If you truly know that Catsin Gano will destroy Ronda then anything less than $1,000 is chump change. After all, if Ronda's just a one trick pony and Zingano really has the BJJ and wrestling skills to stifle Ronda's game.........then you have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN by plunking down $1,000 or even $5,000.

I want to see SCREEN PICS of your betting slip. Pics or it never happened.

What about you B Dane? Let's see your betting slip bro.

What about you Doc Cassidy? (Our rabid liberal in chief, LOL)

Where's your betting slip on Catniss Zingano?

Are there any Ronda haters who have the balls to show their faces in this thread? LOL.

Okay, all kidding aside. So what's the point of my post?

Simple... My point is to highlight the fact that Zingano fans (aka Ronda haters) have NO BALLS and DON'T ACTUALLY BELIEVE that Zingano will win this fight enough to bet SERIOUS money on her now that the betting line is juiced to give them a 5 to 1 payout if Zingano wins.

Waiting until later to place your bet will mean a far lesser payout for Zingano fans (since the odds will inevitably move closer towards Zingano as fight night approaches, the odds are kind of out of whack right now).

I'm guessing that Zingano's fans know she's not really all she's cracked up to be.

McMann is the only woman who can stifle Rousey's Judo.

I'm not saying that McMann can beat Ronda since her BJJ defense sucks from top control (her top control against Akano and Gaff exposed horrible flaws that any half decent BJJ artist would capitalize on).

But Sara can certainly stifle Rousey's judo game and probably take her down a few times.

Holding Ronda down for 25 minutes without getting submitted is not part of olympic wrestling skills though. Those skills are part of BJJ and Judo Newaza. Ronda owns Sara in that department.

If Sara wins it will be via Jon Fitch (e.g. fitching Ronda) but I'm not sure if she can hold her down without getting subbed. I'll give McMann a 50/50 shot at beating Ronda via Fitching. She may win via Fitching but the audience will boo her into running back into the dressing room.

As for my betting slip on Ronda vs Catsin Gano...

Why put down money on Ronda when the odds will give such a crappy payout? If you're a Ronda fan it's better to wait for the odds to swing towards Zingano a bit more before plunking down anything on Ronda.

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