Morning Report: Michael Bisping says a win by Alan Belcher over him would be 'the biggest win in his pathetic career'

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You have to hand it to Michael Bisping. He's gotten fairly good at riling up opposition during fight promotion, although some of it is shtick, some of it is sensitivity playing itself out. Whatever the case, it was on full display during Monday's UFC 159 conference call.

Bisping, who is scheduled to face Alan Belcher at Saturday's event, let loose on the American middleweight, who has been doing his best to get under the Brit's skin with taunts, challenges and insults.

"A win over me will be the biggest win in his pathetic career," Bisping said when prompted by a reporter. "No one gives a f**k about Alan Belcher. It's going to be nothing more than a formality. All I have to do is slap your little face and take my check," he said.

For his part, Belcher kept his cool.

"I am able to separate my emotions," Belcher said. "This is the most nervous I have ever been. In all of the fights I've lost, I wasn't excited. I want this fight more than anything."

As it stands, Belcher is the betting underdog and while I wouldn't call Belcher's career 'pathetic', it is true a win by Belcher over Bisping would be - by far - the best of the American's career. Bisping knows it and understands that means he has far more to lose. Perhaps that is why, in addition to the YouTube videos and Ben Askren Tweets, Bisping is reacting as harshly as he is. There's quite a bit on the line and if he rattle Belcher ahead of this contest, it should be his fight to lose.



Sonnen says Jones is better than Silva. In a rare moment of candor (?), Chael Sonnen told the media on a conference call yesterday that his UFC 159 opponent Jon Jones is better than his previous opponent Anderson Silva.

The MMA Hour. Did you miss Duane Ludwig discussing his role as a coach for Team Alpha Male? How about Jon Jones' manager blasting everyone under the sun? Catch up on yesterday's MMA Hour.

Hyatt almost fought Fox. Well, sort of. According to Bec Hyatt, she had a run-in with transgender fighter Fallon Fox prior to her bout at Invicta 6.

Jones wants to tie Ortiz. According to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, his goal is to surpass Tito Ortiz's record of five consecutive title defenses, then move onto super and heavyweight fights.

UFC 159 conference call audio. If you missed all of the magic from this media call, catch up on all the smack talk, bad reporter questions and everything else that make those calls what they are.



How about an Invicta 6 promo with Cris Cyborg promoting her fight with Marloes Coenen that uses the music and sounds of Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon:


Take a short look inside the training camp of UFC lightweight Jim Miller before his bout with Pat Healy at UFC 159:


What's that? A Machineman promo for Mark Hunt vs. Junior dos Santos? Yeah, sounds good:

HT: Middle Easy


Here's an oldie but a goodie. UFC lightweight Josh Thomson being all shy and stuff on an old episode of Blind Date:


Georges St-Pierre continues his media tour to sell his 'book' in a show called Studio Q:


The Tommy Toe Hold Show compiled a 'best of' Dana White. Watch that here:


Last, but certainly not least, UFC President Dana White released his first video blog ahead of UFC 159. I didn't watch it, so I have no idea what's in it:





















- Bryan Caraway vs. Johnny Bedford, UFC 159

- Michel dos Prazeres vs. Paulo Thiago, UFC on FX 8



Today's FanPost of the Day is brought to you by Nick Doane and he lists what he believes are the ten best fights to show anyone new to mixed martial arts:

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

A perfect example of pure striking and a great example of someone being completely outclassed (my personal favorite fight)

Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan

I wanted this fight to serve as the example of a 0ne-big-mistake type of fight ending. It's also spectacular so that doesn't hurt either. I'd be curious to see what YOU would suggest for the 'one big mistake' fight.

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Carlos Newton

This is the perfect example of what jiu-jitsu is. It's pretty much a straight jiu-jitsu match, but there are some strikes in there just to keep the opponent on their game. I can;t think of a better way to introduce someone to BJJ.

Randy Couture vs Josh Barnett

This serves as a good example of someone nullifying what the other is good at, a great example of wrestling and a great example of a comeback all in one.

Robbie Lawler vs Melvin Manhoef

A perfect example of striking, a comeback and the 'one big mistake' cliche, as well as an AWESOME display of patience and picking one's shots. This is also one of my favorite fights.

Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera vs Bob Sapp

The perfect example of the little man triumphing over a much bigger, stronger man. I think this one illustrates it even better than Gracie/Leopoldo. This fight is amazing. The beating Minotauro takes is enormous.

Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama

A perfect example of a 'classic' fight. Not the best ever, but this one should grab a new fan's attention quite well.

Dan Henderson vs Mauricio Rua

This is another example of a classic. It's also a knock-down-drag-out slugfest. AND showcases turning the tides, gassing and if you want to explain some history while youre at it, this was the first-ever 5 round NON title fight.

Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi

A great example of pressing the pace to make your opponent gas. A great example of striking, wrestling AND jiu-jitsu as well as seizing an opportunity in the blink of an eye. Also could serve as the one big mistake,

Fedor Emelianenko vs Mirko Filipovic

How could you not show them this fight? It's a classic, shows amazing striking, take downs and TDD. It goes to decision as well so it proves not all decisions have to be boring.

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