Chardonnay By The Glass: An Analysis of Fights to Come

Jake Ellenberger vs Rory MAcDonald

This is a hell of a fight

A lot of people tend to forget the 29-6 in parentheticals usually listed next to Jake Ellenberger's name. Rory MacDonald is no slouch either.

I'll briefly state the obvious: Rory is the more technical striker. He has the range and more wins by submission. Jake has more power in his hands, highly underrated footwork, and great lateral movement.

The same thing that makes Rory banal will be his undoing in this contest. He will not capitalize on his range and keep Jake at the end of his punches. Rory will mix his striking and clinch work well. Jake's aggression and crisp hands will work well(er). Ellenberger finishes Rory by KO at the end of the first, halfway through the second at most.

Renan Barao vs Eddie Wineland

Is it just me or has Wineland adopted a fighting style similar to Dominick Cruz? That shoulder-and-leg bouncy thing he does.

Renan Barao's impressive record is paved with cobblestones made from journeymen and tomato cans. That is not a reflection of his abilities.

All the improvements to Wineland's boxing game aren't gonna save him. Barao wins this fight wherever, no later than the third.

Frank Mir vs Daniel Cormier

Listen to Frank Mir, he is one damn intelligent grappler. But unless Frank Mir has improved his rudimentary and sluggish striking by leaps and bounds, he stands no chance. All that feather blocking and judo trips pale in comparison to Cormier's hand speed and Greco-Roman tendon strength.

Mir turtles up in the fetal position. Cormier wins by TKO in the second.

More analysis to come.

I don't give two shits about your cousin that made $6,742 dollars in 4 weeks working only a few hours a day. he's fucking lazy and he should have bought a 66' Nova or a 71' C-10 like a real man.

That is all.

Comments, questions, testimonials?

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