UFC 158: "St. Pierre Vs. Diaz" - Predictions, Bets and Breakdowns For The Full Fight Card On March 16

Main Card

Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

When Nick Diaz and GSP meet in the Main Event, the feud will reach its boiling point. Some folks might think that St. Pierre has to secure takedowns and nullify Diaz's Jiu-Jitsu to secure a win. But, I feel it is the forward pressure and punching prowess he must avoid.

Diaz has a long reach. He might not be the strongest 170-pounder in the division. But, GSP has never ever faced that lanky southpaw boxing approach that Diaz posses. When Carlos Condit landed that kick across the head -- GSP's reign was almost taken with one single shot.

I am a fan of striking just as much as the ground work. I know that it takes a lot more to grind out a win, then it takes to land some shots early and finish a fight. So St. Pierre sure has his plate full, as Diaz has some of the most technical Jiu-Jitsu in the Welterweight division. Do not look past the threat of a submission. Do not forget what Vitor almost did to Jones' Bone.

Sure, if GSP can take Diaz down -- at will -- land some strikes in the closed guard -- causing damage -- the chances of a submission or knockout punch landing will vanish for Diaz. But, what if GSP doesn't?

If I was Nick Diaz- I would go right at Pierre hands up, chin out. Let him know directly that you do not respect the power in his punches. Get in his face. Be ready to sprawl. Condit landed that kick after being held down and grinded for a few rounds and I believe punches are easier to land than that kick. All it takes is a solid shot to change the direction and Diaz hits really hard.

Southpaw versus orthodox styles are some of my favorite fights to watch. I cannot wait until this fight happens.

Georges St. Pierre will likely figure out Diaz's timing and unleash the beast. Diaz has a lot more scar tissue around his face than "The Natural Born Killer" and we saw how GSP made blood sprinkle from his forehead.

My Bet: Georges St. Pierre by Third Round Technical Knockout (TKO) retirement, or cut (doctor stoppage).

Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks

This will be a fucking war. Possibly more competitive than the headliner. I despise Condit greatly for the shit he pulled against diaz. So much I went and made a youtube video with Diaz's highlights of the UFC 143 fight and Zuffa fucking removed it at 40 thousand hits! HAHAHAH

I have invested more time in watching Condit fights. I feel like the worst of Carlos Condit can beat the best Hendricks has to offer. His fight with Joshua Koscheck really still upsets me.

I think Hendricks blows his chance to finish the fight early and gets stuck standing with a muay thai striking badass.

One thing is for sure. No matter who wins this one, we will have a good idea how well Hendricks will fare against GSP. I assume.

Carlos Condit via Split Decision (SD)

Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt

Jake "Juggernaut" is a very strong Welterweight with some KO power standing. But, he's shown that he will fade when facing a technical fighter. I feel Nate Marquardt can match his size and strength plus do some damage before Ellenberger grinds out a unanimous decision win.

My Bet: Nate Marquardt by Technical Knockout (TKO) in Round Number Two.

Nick Ring vs. Chris Camozzi

Nick Ring is an inactive 31 year old man. He has sustained injuries and I don't think he can cut it against Chris Camozzi. If I can compare Camozzi to anyone, it is Matt Brown. He is a wild card pick. He can go in there and amaze or absolutely shit the bed, big time!

I really liked his approach against Cane. He showed that he can hold back a little and not really go all out for a finishing move; technically brawling with Cane and baffling the Brazilian striker.

My Bet: Chris Camozzi by Dominant Unanimous Decision (UD)

Mike Ricci vs. Colin Fletcher

Bot of these men have been grinded down to the Lightweight Division by Colton Smith and Norman Parke. Fletcher is an unpredictable rangy fighter who can fight both ways -- standing and on the ground -- same for Ricci, though. He has also shown the ability to stop people by knockout, and trains with Rory MacDonald, who is a stud.

I suspect Ricci either lands a knockout or just tosses Fletcher around for fifteen minutes for a decision victory.

My Bet: Mike Ricci by Unanimous Decision (UD)

Prelims on FX

Patrick Cote vs Bobby Voelker

Patrick Cote is probably the very first "bed shitter" I discovered in Mixed martial Arts (MMA). His punching won me over to purchase UFC 89 and I have since hated his guts. Not really, I bet on his drunken Canadian ass against Cung Le and he got fucking judo tossed by a 40 year old man. Damn it!

Once again, I am going with the drunken Canadian. I think his standup and size will convert over to WW very well and he may even stop Bobby V.

Cote has all that UFC experience on his resume and I just cannot go against it.

My Bet: Patrick Cote by Knockout in Round Number One

Antonio Carvalho vs. Darren Elkins

Carvalho often loses by decision and that is Darren's specialty

My Bet: Elkins by Default

Dan Miller vs. Jordan Mein

Mein is a mothafuckin savage and I cannot wait to see this fight. Personally, I feel if Gayguard Mooseahsee can headline in his ufc debut, then why the fuck not have Mein and Miller on the bottom of the main card? TUF losers instead ... WOW!!!!

Mein is a young talent and I am going to take him because he is so young and fast and Miller has not been active nor impressive. EVER. In my opinion.

Jordan Mein by Unanimous Decision (UD).

John Makdessi vs. Daron Cruickshank

This is another fight I would put on the main card instead of two TUF bums! ... Hey, I'm not driving.

Now as bad as I want to see Cruickshank chop Makdessi's head off with a head kick... I don't think it will happen. Instead I predict a wild back-and-forth slugfest for three full rounds. With Daron deserving the nod.

My Bet: Daron Cruickshank by Unanimous Decision (UD).


Rick Story vs. Quinn Mulhern

Rick Story is another one of those bed shitters and has magically defeated Jake Ellenberger and Johny Hendricks. The two who are on the pay-per-view (PPV). The guy certainly has ability.

I have not even taken the time to look at a guy whose name begins with the letter Q.

Thinking about betting on this... But, not sure...

My pick: Story by Stoppage (thinking of betting, if i do, I will change come back and change it)

T.J. Dillashaw vs Issei Tamura

Dillashaw seemed to be a decisionator until his last appearance against Vaughan Lee. Tamura is a power puncher. Fuck that. I'm not sure if I have a bet on Dillashaw, but I am considering it...

My Pick: Dillashaw by Unanimous Decision (UD).

Yves Jabouin vs. Johnny Eduardo

This will be the most wild fight on the prelim card. I'm curios to see how Eduardo responds to the power stance and muay thai striking attack of Jabouin. He has wins and losses by submission. I'm just not so sure if I can bet on retardo eduardo's one dimension. And black guys are tough to submit.

My Bet: Yves Jabouin by Knockout in Round One

George Roop vs. Reuben Duran

Roop is on a downward spiral and I'm not seeing him turning this around against such a well rounded fighter in Duran. Maybe, if he can keep it standing and use his reach? But, he is like a Stefan Struve. We all know what happened there.

My Bet: Reuben Duran by First Round Submission

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