Who Should Fight Who? UFC 158 Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.

GSP should fight Hendricks - Reason: GSP just defended his title, he dominated Nick Diaz like most of us expected and Hendricks is next in line. Hendricks was in an absolute war with Carlos Condit, it was an amazing fight and he came out on top. Thats the only fight I want to see next for GSP at WW, if they want to do the Super Fight with Silva then I'd be all for that but if thats not going to happen Hendricks should be the next to fight GSP.

Diaz should fight Koscheck - Reason: I've wanted to see this fight for a long time, not just because it would be a great fight but also because of the trash talking that would take place between these two, it would be epic. They could headline a FOX, FX or Fuel card and it would be a very easy sell. Diaz just lost to GSP thats two in a row now but those two loses were to the #1 and #2 guys in the world so another top 10 guy makes sense and Koscheck is just the guy. Koscheck lost his last fight to Heavy Hitter Robbie Lawler, it was a big upset but he shouldn't fall far down the ranks. This fight makes all the sense in the world to me and I hope it gets booked. Diaz could also fight Carlos Condit, I can see that happening but I don't want to see that fight right now. Another guy Diaz could fight would be Robbie Lawler, Diaz beat Lawler back in the day, knocked him out, I'm sure Lawler would love a rematch so thats another fight that could work.

Hendricks should fight GSP - Reason: Hes the #1 guy, I hope he gets the fight hes wanted and deserved for a while now. That Condit fight was one of the best I've ever seen, great fight.

Condit should fight MacDonald - Reason: I know he just lost to Hendricks but really there was no loser in that fight, it was a war and it could have went either way, very close fight. Condit is still a top 3 WW and he can still fight Rory MacDonald like he was supposed to at UFC 158. This fight should happen now, Rory doesn't seem to be desperate for a title shot right now so I think he'd take this fight, a win over Condit would still put him 1 win away from a title shot but if he wanted a title shot very soon he would try to get a fight with Maia or Ellenberger, a win over one of them would put him in line for the next shot. So I hope Condit/MacDonald II happens next. Condit could also fight Nate Marquardt or Martin Kampmann.

Ellenberger should fight Maia - Reason: I don't know about you but I was very impressed by Ellenberger's knockout win over Marqaurdt, I was shocked by it. I thought he might have changed as a fighter after his loss to Kampmann and his lackluster win over Heiron but boy was I wrong. He smashed Nate Marquardt, he is very close to a title shot so a fight against Maia makes sense. This would be a #1 contender fight no doubt about it, the Winner of this fight would be next in line for a Title shot. I hope this fight happens. If it doesn't Ellenberger could also fight MacDonald or Saffiedine.

Marquardt should fight Kampmann - Reason: I really thought Marquardt was going to beat Ellenberger and prove to everyone that hes a contender but it didn't happen. Even though hes lost 2 in a row hes still one of the top guys in the division and I'd like to see him fight a guy who is coming off a knockout loss of his own Martin Kampmann. These guys have both been great for years and this fight would be awesome. They fought back in 2008, Marquardt came out on top and I'm sure Kampmann would love to get another crack at him. Marquardt could also fight Josh Koscheck or Rick Story.

Camozzi should fight Watson - Reason: Camozzi didn't look great in his fight with Nick Ring, He won but he looked a little slow and just didn't impress me so I don't want to see him fight anyone in the top 15, I don't think hes ready. I'd like to see him fight Tom Watson. That would be a good fight. If that doesn't happen then he can also fight Rafael Natal or The Winner of Larkin vs Carmont.

Ring should fight Herman - Reason: Ring just lost in what was a bad fight to a mid level guy in Chris Camozzi but thats okay because Ring is also a mid level guy, hes good but hes not that good and thats why I'd like to see him fight Ed Herman. Herman is a solid veteran at this point and I just feel it would be a good fight for both guys. Ring could also fight Stanislav Nedkov or Luiz Cane.

Ricci should fight Chiesa - Reason: Mike Ricci, he is the definition of a douchebag. Ricci is terrible but he beat a decent fighter and I'd like to see him fight another guy who was on TUF, Michael Chiesa. Now this will be a good fight and two TUF "Studs" and Ricci would be a nice stepping stone for Chiesa. Book it Silva!!! Ricci could also fight Renee Forte or Takanori Gomi.

Fletcher should fight Fodor - Reason: Freakshow is a pretty cool dude, people like him but hes lost two in a row now and could be in danger of getting cut so I'd like to see him fight Caros Fodor. Its a winnable fight for both guys and I think it makes a lot of sense. Fletcher could also fight Yves Edwardsor Darron Cruickshank.

Cote should fight Mein - Reason: Cote looked good at the new weight, he had a great fight with Voelker, it was the FOTN until Hendricks/Condit stole the show. I kind of was thinking that Cote was washed up and a lot of others were too but he looked good. I'd like to see him fight the young killer Jordan Mein. I like this fight, it would be a great fight. Cote could also fight Rick Story or Court McGee.

Voelker should fight Swick - Reason: Voelker looked really good in his fight with Cote, I thought he won the fight but I'm not a brain dead judge so it is what it is. He'll get another shot though, I'd like to see him fight someone who could be on his way out, Mike Swick. It could be an exciting fight and it I think its a good match up. Voelker could also fight Dan Milleror Josh Neer.

Elkins should fight Lentz - Reason: Elkins is becoming one of the best FWs in the world but because he known for his grinding style of fighting he doesn't get much love but with that sweet finish he had on Saturday that could change. His striking has really improved, he looked great and I'd like to see him fight someone who has a similar fighting style, Nik Lentz. That would be a great fight and it would really send one of them up the ranks at 145. Elkins could also fight Dennis Siver or Glay Guida.

Carvalho should fight Vieira - Reason: He just lost to Elkins, He got wobbled pretty bad and was probably going to get put out cold if the ref didn't stop the fight when he did, with that said it was an early stoppage. I'd like to see him fight Milton Vieira next. He won't be getting knocked out in this fight, I can see this fight getting booked. I like it. Carvalho could also fight Nam Phan.

Mein should fight Cote - Reason: Mein looked really good in his fight with Dan Miller, he showed good striking and great JJ defense, that armbar looked to be locked in and he got the hell out of there. It was very impressive, I'd like to see him fight a guy with a lot of name power, Patrick Cote. Cote looked good at the new weight and was throwing bombs as usual, I'm sure this would be a very fun fight. Mein could also fight The Winner of Brown vs Hardy or Rick Story.

Miller should fight Neer - Reason: Dan Miller is a good fighter but hes never really improved that much, hes always been just a good fighter and I think he should fight another guy like that, Josh Neer. Neer isn't great but he always brings it and Neer vs Miller would be an exciting fight in my opinion. I hope this fight happens. Miller could also fight Bobby Voelker or Mike Swick.

Makdessi should fight Barboza - Reason: Makdessi is a very exciting guy to watch, hes a great striker who throws a lot of unorthodox stuff. He just beat Cruickshank, it was a good fight. I always enjoy Striker vs Striker fights and I want to see another one. So I'd love to see Makdessi fight Edson Barboza. I know, you just got goosebumps, that fight would be awesome. It would be 15 minutes of kickboxing glory. If that fight doesn't happen then Makdessi could also fight The Winner of Cerrone vs Noons or The Winner of Thomson vs Diaz.

Cruickshank should fight Wiman - Reason: He didn't win but he didn't get destroyed so he doesn't fall too far in the ranks for me. I'd like to see him fight Matt Wiman, thats a good fight. I like this fight and I hope it happens if it doesn't then Cruikshank could also fight The Loser of Cerrone vs Noons orColin Fletcher.

Story should fight Pierce - Reason: Story felt that he had to win this fight to stay in the UFC and it was obvious right away that he was not messing around. He hurt Mulhern with a punch right to eye and then swarmed him, smashing him with sick body shots just throwing with murderous power. I was very impressed, hes definitely back on my rador but I don't think he should fight a top 10 guy next, I'd love to see him fight someone ranked around 15 like Mike Pierce. Now everyone knows or has heard stuff about these two and their feud, lets finally get them fighting. This fight has to happen. I really hope this fight gets booked, it should have already happened. Story could also fight Jordan Mein or Nate Marquardt.

Mulhern should fight Villefort - Reason: Mulhern got beat down, he got socked right in the eye and crumbled. Now, there aren't many guys for him to fight so I'm thinking he should fight a guy he already fought in Strikeforce, Yuri Villefort. I can see that happening but if it doesn't Mulhern could also fight Jon Manley or Marcelo Guimaraes.

Dillashaw should fight Mizugaki - Reason: I've been liking Dillashaw a lot since he came off of TUF, he lost in the Finale but since then hes been on fire. I'd like to see him get a big step up in competition, I think it should be Takeya Mizugaki. Thats a good fight right there, I hope they make this fight. Dillashaw could also fight The Winner of Pickett vs Easton orRaphael Assuncao.

Tamura should fight Duran - Reason: He'll probably be cut but if he isn't I'd like to see him fight Reuben Duran.

Roop should fight Kimura - Reason: He did a good job, he was very active off the bottom, he was hitting Duran with a ton of elbows. He didn't seem tired or drained at the new weight, that was surprising. Roop isn't very consistent, he wins and he loses every other fight so I see the UFC trying to build another guy off of him, someone like Dustin Kimura. I just see this fight happening in my head. Roop could also fight Alex Caceres who Roop called out or Yuri Alcantara.

Duran should fight Tamura - Reason: Duran looked good but he lost and I'd like to see him fight Issei Tamura. I think that'll be an easy win for him and if they don't cut Tamura I can see that fight happening. Duran could also fight Bryan Caraway or Chico Camus.

Alright, leave your comments and Rec if you really liked it. Let me know what fights you like and what fights you want to see happen.

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